Celebrating our first year helping archers 

As an archery tech company, January is our favorite time of the year. As tech people, we get to see the latest in consumer tech from the Consumer Electronics Show. As archers, we get to show off BOWdometer to archery dealers at Archery Trade Association Trade Show.

This year’s ATA Trade Show is also our first anniversary of announcing BOWdometer. It’s hard to believe it was just a year ago when our team was in Indianapolis on the trade show floor.

This year is different, but we’re excited to participate in the online ATA 2021 Trade Show. Our on-demand session Using Tech to Connect with Customers (login required) is available starting January 13. Our resident tech expert Joe will guide you through staying relevant and providing your customers better experiences using technology. He’ll explore the possibilities, considerations, and benefits that tech can bring to your customers and your business.

We’ve got virtual booth hours too. If you want to have a quick chat with us about BOWdometer or anything archery tech-related, book a timeslot so we can connect.

As we’re kicking off the trade show, we’re looking back at some of our favorite moments from 2020.

Launching BOWdometer at ATA 2020

There is no better place to launch a new archery product than the ATA Trade Show. Last January, our team brought our bows, BOWdometers, and business cards to ATA in Indianapolis. We were part of their new product showcase, and we were able to meet a bunch of archers from across the country to show how BOWdometer works.

Opening our online store

In February, we launched our online store for archers to pre-order BOWdometer. The store has evolved over the last year, and today you can check out our new site at bowdometer.com to see how BOWdometer is helping archers maintain their gear, count their shots, and improve their shooting.

Bringing BOWdometer to new markers with our distributor partners

We announced two distributor partners at ATA 2020 – Lancaster Archery and Kinsey’s. Over the last few months, we’ve signed three new distributors – JVD Archery, DX Archery, and Strebel Bogensport. Even better, we’ll have some more distributor announcements coming up this spring.

Shooting with our friends

Archery is better with friends. Thankfully, our office in Waterloo, Ontario, is a quick drive to some excellent ranges. We spent time at our local Colby Shooting Club, took a few road trips to Peel Archery and Archers of Caledon, and went to our first 3D tournament in Cambridge. COVID-19 has made this harder, but we’ve stayed connected online through social media and BOWdometer Nation.

New partnerships

We’re kicking off 2021 with an exciting new partnership with vApeldoorn to provide real-time data from BOWdometer to the Artemis archery performance app. Artemis is the premier archery training application for athletes and coaches to discover and target areas of improvement. Our new integration gives the Artemis app real-time sensor data as archers shoot and present actionable feedback to the coach and athlete. Powering this new integration is our BOWdometer Open Platform. The platform makes it easy for industry partners to leverage the power of BOWdometer in their applications and tools to enhance their current products — and develop new products for archers across the globe.

Looking forward to 2021

Our next significant milestone is launching BOWdometer 2.0 - the new smartphone app to open up more ways for you to improve with your BOWdometer. Make you sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about the new app, sales, and other BOWdometer news!


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