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How to attach your BOWdometer

This article will describe how to attach a BOWdometer to various types of bows. BOWdometer conveniently attaches to any type of bow with two self-fastening straps to keep it secure.

  1. Feed the two hook & loop straps through the slots on the mounting base.

  2. Clip BOWdometer onto the mounting base.

  3. Find a convenient spot on your bow riser, anywhere you have available space. Ideally, it should be a flat area, and somewhere where it won't interfere with your grip or your sight, or any moving parts. It would be good if you can easily see the display.

  4. Place BOWdometer onto the riser at that spot. Wrap the straps around the riser and fasten them tightly. When properly fastened, the BOWdometer should not move when shaken.

  5. Congratulations, you're done!  Now proceed to the BOWdometer SETUP.

By the way, if you have multiple bows, BOWdometer can easily move between bows and help you improve your shot on each type of bow. Simply remove BOWdometer from the first bow and repeat the same attachment process on the new bow. Oh, don't forget to perform a new SETUP on the new bow as well.