• Toxon Technologies

How to handle a defective BOWdometer

Once in a while, you may have a customer with a defective BOWdometer.  Have no fear!  We will replace it for free with a new one.  Simply follow these steps:

First, determine if the unit is actually defective.

Does it turn on?

  • Is it charged? Plug it into a charger and see if it charges.

  • Can you turn it on? Press the power button and see if it turns on. 

Is the display frozen?

  • If pressing buttons does not appear to do anything, try a  reset.

  • Press and hold the power button for 8-10 seconds until the lights around the charging connector flash in different colours. The BOWdometer display will turn off and then the BOWdometer will reset. 

Does it count shots?

  • Check if there are shots in the "TOTAL COUNT" screen. If there are no recorded shots, it's possible that the SETUP process wasn't completed properly.

Was SETUP completed properly?

  • Look at the "SESSION" screen.  Compare the Xi score from the last shot to the Average Xi score (toggle the bottom button). If the discrepancy is large, help the customer perform another SETUP on their bow. 

Try it yourself

  • Mount the BOWdometer on a different bow in your shop and perform the SETUP process.  Take 3-5 shots and check if the shots were recorded properly. If they are recorded properly, the BOWdometer is not defective. Help the customer perform a SETUP on their bow.

If these steps do not resolve the customer issue, then the BOWdometer is defective. 

You can replace defective unit with a good unit from your inventory (an over-the-counter or "OTC" swap). Make sure you collect all original packaging and in-box contents from the customer -- they must be included when you return the defective BOWdometer to you distributor.  The defective BOWdometer must also be accompanied by a description of the fault / failure. Now follow the returns rules for your distributor. They will replace your BOWdometer from their inventory, and we will replace theirs.