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How to sell BOWdometer

We can think of the potential BOWdometer customer as falling into one of two categories:

  1. New to archery

  2. Experienced with archery

If customer is new to archery:

  • Are they buying their first bow? Introduce BOWdometer as one of the recommended accessories for someone just starting out, along with accessories like things like a sight.

  • Reasons to buy: 

  • It will track all of the shots you take and let you know if you are practicing enough.  

  • It will give you a score for each shot. This lets you monitor your progress and track your improvement session over session. Is your practice paying off?

  • You should also get your bow serviced regularly and the BOWdometer will let you know when you've taken enough shots (this will drive store traffic, additional accessory sales and service revenue).

If customer is experienced at archery:

  • Has the customer heard of this new accessory? It's compatible with their bow (actually, it's compatible with any bow type & manufacturer).

  • How many shots are you taking each week?  BOWdometer can tell you exactly.

  • How do you know if your practice is helping? With the BOWdometer, you will know if it's helping or not.

  • It will also let you know if something happens to your bow setup... your Xi score will change.