• Toxon Technologies

How to setup your BOWdometer

Once you have mounted BOWdometer on your bow, it's time to perform a short SETUP process. This should take less than two minutes.

  • First, make sure BOWdometer is fully charged.

  • Press the power button. This is the lower button to the right of the display. BOWdometer will turn on and "SESSION" will appear on the screen.

  • Press the top button twice until "SETUP" appears on the display.

  • Press the bottom button to enter "SETUP" mode.

  • Now, take shots. At least three, but as many as you like.

  • After you have taken at least 3 shots, press the bottom button again (hint: it has the tiny checkmark on the display beside it).

  • The display will show "Setup Done". Press the bottom button again to exit SETUP mode. (hint: there's a checkmark on the display beside it). 

  • The display will show "SESSION" again when you have completed this step.

  • Your BOWdometer is ready!  Start shooting and it will do the rest!