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What is this Xi number?

The shot eXecution Index, or Xi, is how BOWdometer measures your shot consistency. It is a letter from the Greek alphabet and is pronounced "sigh".

When BOWdometer automatically detects a shot, it measures a lot of information about that shot. It simplifies all that information into the Shot Xi.

If a shooter is perfectly consistent, the Xi score will be exactly the same for each shot. In reality, each shot will be a bit different, and each shot will likely result in a different Xi score.

As a shooter, you are trying to keep your Xi scores as close together as possible. You are trying to get the smallest spread between your highest and lowest Xi scores. The smaller the spread, the more consistent you are shooting!

The actual Xi score number is not important -- you are trying to get Xi scores as close together as possible.

Xi Levels

There are eight levels of Xi consistency. Everyone starts at Level 1. Your Level is calculated at the end of each session. If your Xi scores are consistent enough, you can earn an increase in Level, all the way up to Level 8. If your consistency is a bit lower, your Level will drop accordingly. If this happens, don't worry -- just keep practicing!