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How to navigate/use the mobile app

Once you have downloaded the BOWdometer mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, open the mobile app to begin tracking your progress on your device.

You will first be prompted to sign in or register for an account. If you are new to the mobile app, you can choose to register the following ways:

  • Through your Google account

  • Using a Facebook account

  • Signing up using an email address

  • Input your desired display name which is the name next to your score when your competing with your friends. You can change your display name later through the “Settings” portion of the application

  • Next, input the email you’d like to register with

  • Enter a password

  • Re-enter the password you’ve chosen under the “Confirm Password” section

  • Next, enter your date of birth in year-month-date format, or navigate the calendar and select your birth date

  • Select your gender from male, female, other/not specified, or prefer not to answer

  • Finally, enter the year you started shooting, verify that all the info you entered is correct, and select register 

Once you have setup your account, it is now time to pair you BOWdometer to your mobile device. For more info on how to pair your device, see the article about how to pair your BOWdometer with your smartphone.  After your BOWdometer is setup, return to the mobile app main screen to see various statistics that your BOWdometer has collected. 

  • Your shots in the past week

  • See an overview of your most recent session (your number of shots and the Shot Xi)

  • Total shots ever captured by the BOWdometer

  • Number of recorded sessions

  • Your time of active shooting - how long you’ve been shooting with your BOWdometer

Use the plus sign button to start a new session from the home page of the app

View current session information

  • How to view your most recent session information

  • For a more detailed look at your current session, press the grey box next to the orange plus sign which will bring you to your current session

  • You can also see your current session information by selecting the Xi symbol on the bottom navigator and select “Current Session”

  • How to interpret the information you see

  • The overview section will provide you with:

  • The number of shots you took this session

  • Your average shot Xi

  • Your level

  • The duration of your session

  • If you scroll down, you can see a detailed overview of your shots (i.e. the number, the Shot Xi, and the date and time of the shot)

View past sessions

  • Select the Xi icon on the bottom navigator 

  • Under the previous sessions section, you will be able to see all of your sessions ever tracked by the BOWdometer and an overview

  • The overview provides you with information including the number of shots per session, the Shot Xi spread, your level during the session and the date of the session

  • For a detailed look, select the session your wish to view in greater detail

View detailed shot information

  • Press on a shot that you would like to analyse in greater detail 

  • You will be given the angles of the shot, the shot number, the Shot Xi, as well as an indication of where that shot’s Xi fell on your range of Shot Xi’s


  • To access settings, select the last icon on the bottom navigator

  • Under settings you can:

  • Update your profile

  • Change your display name, birthday, gender, year you started shooting, email, and password

  • Be sure to hit save to save all your updated information

  • See your paired BOWdometer

  • See the available devices you can connect to the mobile app