We do too – that's why we created BOWdometer™.


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Here’s how BOWdometer works

BOWdometer easily installs on any type of bow in seconds and collects information about your shots as you shoot. 

Built-in Display for

real-time feedback

Mobile app with extended features

Build confidence that your practice sessions are paying off. 


Insights at a glance

  • Automatic shot counter for each session

  • Instant feedback about your shot consistency

  • Check your shot's eXecution index (Xi™ "sye") after each shot

  • See your shot Xi session average 



Dig deeper with extended features

  • Compare your results from various sessions 

  • See the consistency of your shots 

  • Compete, connect and share with archers from across the globe


Our aim is to help archers of all levels build shooting consistency 

Enjoy doing what you love. 

Leave the tracking to BOWdometer.