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She now rose from the couch abruptly and, going to the mantelpiece, she put her hands on it and looked down into the fire as she muttered, I am not saying this in order to make the future appear more attractive. If . . . if closer association with me would be intolerable to you, very well, you have only to say so

And what if I did, what then? The question was quiet, soft, and her answer equally so. I don t know, because . . . because I haven t allowed myself to look into the future and face the desolation there.

As he stared up at her he thought, She s remarkable. By aye, she s a remarkable woman. He had never imagined anyone talking as frankly as she had done; no man would ever have been as honest. He said softly, Will you give me time to think it over?


The word was barked and it brought him to his feet as if it had been the crack of a gun. He watched her march down the room, then back again towards him. At the head of the couch she stopped, and he saw her fingers dig into the upholstery as she said tersely, It must be now, yes or no. I . . . I cannot go on in uncertainty. I . . . I m not asking anything from you but to come into this house and stay with me as a . . . a friend, a companion. You don t believe it now, but you ll find out there s more lasting happiness stems from friendship than has ever done from love. I know you don t love me, couldn t love me, and never will . . . No! No! Don t protest. She lifted her hand. Let us start from the beginning being honest. When you lost your wife I knew that you must have loved her deeply, and that kind of love only happens once, but there are other emotions comparable with love. A man can have them towards a woman and be happy. That can also apply to a woman, although —She swallowed deeply in her throat here before ending, In most cases she needs to love even if she s not loved in return.



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