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We are here to help archers 

better understand their shots using cutting-edge technology that is: 






The Reinforcements

The Beginning

GEORGE WAGNER was in the backseat of a car, driving home from the Archery Trade Association show when the idea for BOWdometer™ first popped into his head over 10 years ago. He thought: "Why on earth is no one making an electronic counter that attaches to your bow?" and with a lifetime of experience and connections in the Archery world, George knew he could be onto something. He mulled over the idea with friends and colleagues for years until 2018, when he came across the perfect people to help BOWdometer™ blossom into all that it has become.

Enter: The Reinforcements: Marianne and Joe.

Where George brings the archery, MARIANNE BELL and JOE DEU-NGOC bring the technology. Like their Co-Founder, they are passionate and experienced in what they do and they have a history of creating successful technology-related solutions to prove it. With these two on board, it wasn't long before a company was incorporated and the plans to create BOWdometer were put in place. All three co-founders have been overwhelmed by the potential of archery technology, and can't wait to see what else they can create from it! 

TOXON Technologies

To create the BOWdometer™, Marianne, Joe and George founded their company TOXON Technologies, through which they have organized the design, manufacturing and distribution of this product. Hence the TOXON Scale™. (Fun fact: "toxon" is the ancient Greek word for "bow"!) The three have big plans for TOXON, so keep an eye out for their future endeavours in the world of sports technology!