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How it Works

the out of box experience

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Attach Device.


Start Shooting.

BOWdometer™ comes equipped with straps to attach to any bow

Take a few shots to familiarize BOWdometer™ with your bow

Watch as shots are instantly recognized on your device

If you download the Optional App, BOWdometer™ can sync with your phone to automatically display the shots and consistency insights from your practice session.

View your Results


Product Features

Automatic Shot Count

The continuous count increases every time you shoot your bow. It's that simple.

Easy Installation

A no-fuss accessory that lets you focus on shooting.  Takes less than 2 minutes to set up.

Session Count

Are you reaching your target number of arrows every time you practice?

Works with any Bow

From Recurve to Compound to Crossbow, you can move BOWdometer from bow to bow.

TOXON Scale™

Compare your shots' consistency using a number generated by the scale

Long Lifetime

Never miss a shot with this rechargeable device, and a USB cable included. 


Why Download the app?

Get more out of BOWdometer

Bow Tuning and Accessory Log

Keep track of every change to your setup, and trace the results in your consistency with a one-stop-spot to record as many details about your equipment as you want.

Get the details on your Consistency

Go beyond the numbers and see comprehensive visual representations of your TOXON Scale measurements. Strive for the best “grouping” you can get – just like on a target!

Connect and Share with Friends

For many archers, sharing scores, stories and equipment with like-minded people is half the fun! Bring the social value of archery with you wherever you are with an app built for just that.

Compare Session History

View the breakdown of various practice sessions:  see how many shots you’ve taken, and compare your average TOXON Scale™. Don’t play the guessing game when it comes to your shot habits. Monitor them objectively like never before!

BOWdometer™ is small.

Its capabilities are not.

Instant Shot Display

Your Device

Bluetooth™ Wireless Connection

More complex Analysis

Smartphone or Tablet 

Go beyond the device itself