Xi : shot eXecution index

Xipronounced "sye".  Symbol:

BOWdometer's instant feedback about shot consistency.  The BOWdometer takes sensor data for each shot and generates a number - your shot Xi.  Shot Xi's grouped closely together mean your shots are consistent.

You've heard it a million times:

Consistency is the key to archery 

But how do you know you're being consistent?

You can see where the arrows land....

You can pay attention to how every shot feels...

With our Shot Xi:

You can assess your consistency based on real data from your shooting. 

How it Works:

For every shot you take, BOWdometer calculates and displays a Shot Xi 

Your Goal:

Make each number as close together as possible – just like a target. 

Tips for your understanding:

The closer your grouping, the more consistent your shots

Use the BOWdometer app to visually compare your shots after a session

Take the guesswork out of consistency

Unlock your full potential using our Shot Xi