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Instructional Videos


    Learn about your BOWdometer:

    1. What's in the box

    2. Using the buttons

    3. How to set it up

    Watch this first to learn what's important about your BOWdometer. 


    If you want to use the apps, check out that video to learn how to get started!


    There are 2 ways to attach BOWdometer to your bow's riser with no damage.

    1. Using Straps (included)

    2. Using a Screw (not included)

    ALWAYS run a bow setup after installing for the first time!

    Own more bows?  Buy more mounts in our shop or print your own with a 3D printer.


    Get your BOWdometer setup at the start of your session and then practice like normal!  The app looks different but the use is the same!

    Remember to do a bow setup if you have changed your equipment setup!

    Don't forget to charge it every now and then!  It should last for 1000+ shots or 8 hours of practice.


    Xi is BOWdometer's way to track consistency.  You get a Xi for each shot you take.

    BOWdometer's sensors track your shot from draw to release to see what's happening with your body and your equipment.

    Having a consistent shot Xi means consistent shot motion.  It does NOT mean consistent target scores!

  • APPS

    The optional apps give you more.  Set goals, track your practice, compete with friends and show off your skills!

    Our brand new app experience launched April 6, 2021 so get it and try it out today!  Stay tuned for more instructional videos.

    Download the apps and give them a try!  Available on iOS and Android.


    Everyone's bow setup is different!  Learn how you can customize your BOWdometer to suit your setup.

    Whether you want it to blend in or stand out, we have a wrap for you to try.

    Make your own wrap or mount with the free plans in our shop!  Wraps are not removeable.

BOWdometer Academy

Want to know all the fine details of the BOWdometer experience?  Dive deep into it here.  No topic is off limits - if there's something you want to learn about, pop it in the video comments or DM us on social media!


Welcome to the BOWdometer Academy!

Marianne from the BOWdometer Team guides you through the BOWdometer Academy Series. In these videos we’ll talk about what BOWdometer is, how it works, and how you can use it to elevate your archery experience!

What IS a BOWdometer, anyway?

What IS a BOWdometer and what's it used for? Get the full scoop from the BOWdometer Team in Part 1 of the BOWdometer Academy series.

Note: not all social features shown are available when the new BOWdometer App launches April 6, 2021. They will keep rolling into the app in 2021!

The BEST arrow counter on the market

Still counting arrows on pen and paper or with an old click counter? Toss those away and get your hands on the best digital shot counter out there. Find why you should care about your shot counts in Part 2 of our BOWdometer Academy Series: Counting Arrows.

How does BOWdometer know when I'm taking a shot?

We've already learned why we should care how many arrows we shoot (check out Part 2 in the series if you haven't already!) but how does BOWdometer actually know when I'm taking a shot and when I'm not taking a shot? This video gets into the nitty gritty of exactly how the patented shot detection works on BOWdometer. Get ready for some math talk.

What is this Xi number and how does it measure consistency?

With archery, consistency is key. BOWdometer gives instant, simplified feedback for each shot you ever take through something called "Xi". But what is it, exactly, and how does it work? Find out all about it in this video. How is it calculated and what does it mean?

5 ways Xi can help you take your archery skills to the next level

No matter what age or skill level we are, there's always opportunity to get better. BOWdometer provides simple, instant feedback every time you shoot about your consistency. Here are 5 different ways you can use Xi elevate your archery experience.

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Need Support?

Can't find what you need?  Use the resources below to join the conversation and share with the community.  Our team is here to help, so either send a DM on social, email support or report a problem right through the mobile app!  We've got you covered!



Read the user guide and help documents, updated regularly online.


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