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BOWdometer Academy

Want to know all the fine details of the BOWdometer experience?  Dive deep into it here.  No topic is off limits - if there's something you want to learn about, pop it in the video comments or DM us on social media!

Welcome to the BOWdometer Academy!

Marianne from the BOWdometer Team guides you through the BOWdometer Academy Series. In these videos we’ll talk about what BOWdometer is, how it works, and how you can use it to elevate your archery experience!

What IS a BOWdometer, anyway?

What IS a BOWdometer and what's it used for? Get the full scoop from the BOWdometer Team in Part 1 of the BOWdometer Academy series.

Note: not all social features shown are available when the new BOWdometer App launches April 6, 2021. They will keep rolling into the app in 2021!

The BEST arrow counter on the market

Still counting arrows on pen and paper or with an old click counter? Toss those away and get your hands on the best digital shot counter out there. Find why you should care about your shot counts in Part 2 of our BOWdometer Academy Series: Counting Arrows.

How does BOWdometer know when I'm taking a shot?

We've already learned why we should care how many arrows we shoot (check out Part 2 in the series if you haven't already!) but how does BOWdometer actually know when I'm taking a shot and when I'm not taking a shot? This video gets into the nitty gritty of exactly how the patented shot detection works on BOWdometer. Get ready for some math talk.

What is this Xi number and how does it measure consistency?

With archery, consistency is key. BOWdometer gives instant, simplified feedback for each shot you ever take through something called "Xi". But what is it, exactly, and how does it work? Find out all about it in this video. How is it calculated and what does it mean?

5 ways Xi can help you take your archery skills to the next level

No matter what age or skill level we are, there's always opportunity to get better. BOWdometer provides simple, instant feedback every time you shoot about your consistency. Here are 5 different ways you can use Xi elevate your archery experience.

What are these Shooting Modes and what's the difference?

BOWdometer supports multiple shooting modes when you're practicing.  The 2 modes differ in how they give feedback on your shot consistency, and they're both super useful for your archery practice!  In this video, we give an overview of the 2 shooting modes and how they were developed.

Learn more about Classic Mode, and 5 reasons to use it

BOWdometer has more than one shooting mode for your archery practice.  In this video, we talk about Classic Mode - what it is and when to use it.  Watch to learn 5 different reasons for using Classic Mode on your BOWdometer while you practice!

What is Level Mode on the BOWdometer and how does it work?

BOWdometer has more than one shooting mode for your archery practice.  In this video, we talk about Level Mode, diving into how it works and how you can use it to take your archery skills to the next level.

How do these Shot Angles on BOWdometer work?

When you practice archery with your BOWdometer, it stores angle details for every shot you take.  You can see these angles in the mobile app and see how they change over time.  In this video, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the shot angles - where to find them, what they mean for YOU on YOUR BOW and how to get even more from your data.

Using BOWdometer with multiple bows or setups?

Let's be honest - most archers have more than one bow. And we switch between different setups all the time. You don't need multiple BOWdometers if you have multiple bows! Bow Profiles in the BOWdometer App allow you to manage and track multiple bows or bow configurations and easily switch between them with your BOWdometer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a category to see more, or use the search function to find what you need!

  • App SW 2.5.3
    Corrected color legend on Shot Angles chart in the Session Complete and Session Details screen Fixed issue where some Android 11 devices were not able to send Bug Reports via email As of August 31, 2023 new downloads of the BOWdometer App cannot be done through the Google Play store and we are not upgrading support to new Android and iOS versions. You can download the Android BOWdometer App v2.5.3 APK directly here. Instructions for loading an APK can be found online (here is an example) and is done at your own risk.
  • App SW 2.5.2
    Hotfix for a few Android-specific issues with Bow Profiles. Note: 2.5.2 is only being release on Android. The same changes will be included in v2.6.0 of the app for iOS users.
  • App SW 2.5.1
    Adding BOWdometer Open Platform enhancements to prepare for the Artemis Integration Note: 2.5.1 is only being release on Android. The same changes will be included in v2.6.0 of the app for iOS users.
  • App SW 2.5.0
    New Feature: Bow Profiles, found in Menu > Bow Profiles Allows you to manage up to 3 different bow setups and switch between them without rerunning a BOWdometer bow setup every time Select which Bow Profile you're using when you start a session and the saved bow setup for that profile will get sent to your BOWdometer automatically You can filter sessions and charts based on Bow Profile Loosen or tighten your bow setup for each Bow Profile using a slider Label your angles for each Bow Profile (Cant, Torque, Tilt) You can now run bow setup entirely through the app when your BOWdometer is connected Shot Angles chart will label your assigned angles from your Bow Profile, if set Shot Overview will label your assigned angles from your Bow Profile, if set Data Export will label your assigned angles from your Bow Profile, if set If you try to start a session with the default bow setup, it will force you to run a new bow setup first. This will help ensure you have properly run a setup before you shoot! Session notes are now easier to edit Note: When you update, you will need to create a new bow profile before you can start a new session. You can do this from the Bow Profiles screen OR the New Session screen.
  • App SW 2.4.2
    Enhancing BOWdometer auto-reconnect features Fixing a styling issue with the Previous Session graph labels Adding more Android 11 and 12 support Resolving some BOWdometer Open Platform live data stream issues for third party app usage
  • App SW 2.4.1
    Fixing issue where an error when ending a session locks the user in the screen Fixing issue where leaving empty session notes will sometimes erase previous notes
  • App SW 2.4.0
    New feature: name your BOWdometer to make it easier to find in a crowd when connecting to the app! Go to Menu - Devices - Manage Devices with your BOWdometer connected to rename. New graph: Xi Distribution, showing how many shots had Xi's in different ranges for a session, found in the Session Complete screen and Previous Session screen. New graph: Shot Angles, showing how your 3 angles change shot over shot, found in the Session Complete screen and Previous Session screen. New feature: Shot Rating, each shot has a rating from 1-5 based on the shot Xi value compared to your average Xi value, shown in the Active Session and Shot Overview screens. New feature: Session Rating, each session has a rating from 1-5 based on the Xi Spread for the session, showing in the Session Complete and Previous Session screen When your BOWdometer is connected, you can click the refresh button on the Device Status bar to refresh the status (connection, battery level, etc.) Enhanced the battery monitoring so it should always match the BOWdometer battery status accurately Small cosmetic changes to the UI
  • App SW 2.3.0
    Pending friend requests can be deleted and you can remove friends Session notes for previous sessions can now be edited Session complete screen now shows shot details and allows data export Editing your profile now shows your current selections for easy reference Enhanced previous session shot organization to better handle the scenario where previous session shots were being synced during an active session
  • App SW 2.2.2
    Enhanced auto-reconnect functionality Fixed bug with device connection status in the app
  • App SW 2.2.1
    Fixed bug with Classic Mode history chart that would cause the app to crash when you have no classic mode sessions
  • App SW 2.2.0
    New graphs in previous session screen: "Level Mode Session History" and "Classic Mode Session History" that show your Xi spread history All graphs are now scrollable Session data export now exports shot angles and bow setup value Enhanced display of total shots in profile to handle large total shot numbers better Sessions with zero shots no longer show up when viewing previous sessions
  • App SW 2.1.0
    AUTO RECONNECT When you lose connection with your BOWdometer, it will reconnect automatically in most conditions. You still need to pair it at the start when you launch the app but it should cover mid-session disconnects. SHOT ANGLES You can see you shot angles (pitch, yaw, roll) in the shot details slider in current and previous sessions. For current, active sessions it may take a bit of time to show up because it needs to get computed after the shot. Slight updates to the shot goal slider and a couple small bug fixes.
  • App SW 2.0.4
    Connection Improvements Handling a BOWdometer disconnect/reconnect during the active session is greatly improved. If you lose connectivity during a session by taking your phone out of range of the BOWdometer, you can reconnect, continue your session and see your shots fill in! No more having to go find them in Previous Sessions! Bug Reporting If you're seeing a problem, you can go to Help > Report a Bug, and it will send us logs (with your permission) to assist with support!
  • App SW 2.0.3
    A bunch of small bugfixes and tweaks, including: BOWdometer Firmware update error messages have been updated BOWdometer connection status is now refreshed immediately after a firmware update The active session page now better reflects the BOWdometer's state in some cases of devices disconnecting Fixes some issues with the weekly shot goal Fixes the leaderboard when users are tied Fixes app navigation on some iOS devices
  • App SW 2.0.2
    Small enhancements and bugfixes
  • App SW 2.0.1
    Small enhancements and bugfixes
  • App SW 2.0.0
    Brand new app experience! Check out our App page for more details. ONBOARDING User Login / Forgot Password steps Create Account / New User Registration Selecting Weekly Shot Goals Instructions for Pairing Setup BOWdometer Pairing Instructions for Bow Setup This sequence of screens only shows up the first time you open the app. If you want to go back and see it again anytime, you can go to Settings (gear on top right corner of dashboard) > Log Out WEEKLY SHOT GOALS Set once during onboarding Can modify in Settings (gear on top right corner of dashboard) Can modify in Menu > View Profile > Reset Shot Goals Refreshes every Monday morning at 12:00 am SESSION MODES For each new session on the app, you can choose between 2 different session modes as long as you have BOWdometer FW 2.0 or higher loaded on your BOWdometer (see instructions here) You can only switch between modes in the app (not on the BOWdometer itself) When you create a new session on the BOWdometer, it will also be in the same session mode as the last session CLASSIC MODE Take shots and see your feedback in a "free play" mode. Great for working on form changes, evaluating new accessories or tuning your gear. Shooting in Classic mode won't affect your Xi Level. In Classic Mode, your Xi will be any number between 0 and 100. It will not be centered around '50' the way it is in Level Mode. This means there is no "right number" - it will be unique to everyone and their personal equipment. For people who were on the BOWdometer Product Beta, Classic Mode is what you tested during that Beta Classic Mode Xi shows more decimal places than Level Mode so you can see more detail for similar shots LEVEL MODE (same as what you're used to from previous versions) This is how your BOWdometer has worked for all sessions in the original app. Use this to monitor your practice and work on getting to a higher Xi Level. When you level up, the sensitivity increases to really challenge yourself to hone in on your skills! SESSION GOALS AND NOTES Creating a new session on the app now lets you set shot goals for the session, use the slider to set your session goal and then track progress towards it while you shoot You can type notes about the session when starting that are stored so you can review them later Session notes can be updated at the end of the session on the session summary screen PAUSE AND CONTINUE SESSION During an active session, you can pause your session in the app. This allows you to go back to the dashboard or move around in the app. The "Continue Session" button will only show up if you pause through the app and don't force quit the app. If you start a session without the app connected, it will put your session into the Previous Session screen and keep it updated, but it will not let you open the Active Session screen. We'll add that in sometime later. END SESSION In the original app, there was no way to end a session. Here, we have a button to end a session. It's important to note that if you keep shooting on your BOWdometer without starting a new session, those shots will get added to the "Previous Session" once you've ended on the app. This may feel confusing but we have plans to clean it up later! VIEW YOUR SHOT DATA See all your shots in your app after you connect and sync View details for "offline shots", which are shots taken when not connected to the app View previous session details and progress towards goals when your BOWdometer isn't connected VIEW AND UPDATE PROFILE You can see your Profile through Menu - View Profile Change Avatar Set/Change Username (will be used for easy finding of friends when Leaderboards are added) Change Display Name Change Email Address Change Password Change Weekly Shot Goal FRIENDS AND LEADERBOARDS Search and Add Friends via display name or username (username requires exact match) View/Accept Pending Friend Requests (decline feature not yet available) View Friends (deleting friends not yet available) Weekly Leaderboard with friends, resets Monday at 12 noon CLOUD STORAGE All your shot information is stored in the cloud so you can switch phones and recover all your information easily. It's secured and tied to your user account. RESTORE YOUR BOWDOMETER If your BOWdometer gets corrupted during updates, you can now restore the latest snapshot of your BOWdometer data from the cloud through the "Manage Devices" menu when your BOWdometer is connected. This restore includes total count, last session details and level. In the beta, this is open for anyone to try, but in the main app it will be opened up only for users who need to access it. WARNING: This changes the data on your BOWdometer to the last known snapshot, you may lose some recent shots! BOWDOMETER FIRMWARE UPDATE New versions of BOWdometer Firmware will now be updated through the App. It should sync your shots for you as part of the procedure. There are features that may force you to update. For the beta users, we'll continue to push new test firmware to you early as we add more features! FEATURES FROM ORIGINAL APP Connect BOWdometer Start session View session details (Xi spread, range, average, level, individual shot xi) View shot info (see notes below, things like angles aren't showing yet but coming soon) View previous sessions Stats (total shots, total number of sessions, active shooting time)
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