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There are 2 ways to attach BOWdometer to your bow's riser with no damage.

1. Using Straps (included)

2. Using a Screw (not included)

ALWAYS run a bow setup after installing for the first time!

Own more bows?  Buy more mounts in our shop or print your own with a 3D printer.

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Get your BOWdometer setup at the start of your session and then practice like normal!

Remember to do a bow setup if you have changed your equipment setup!

Don't forget to charge it every now and then!  It should last for 1000+ shots or 8 hours of practice.

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Xi is BOWdometer's way to track consistency.  You get a Xi for each shot you take.

BOWdometer's sensors track your shot from draw to release to see what's happening with your body and your equipment.

Having a consistent shot Xi means consistent shot motion.  It does NOT mean consistent target scores!

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The optional apps give you more.  Set goals, track your practice, compete with friends and show off your skills!

Download the apps and give them a try!  Available on iOS and Android.

New apps are coming soon that will change everything!  Also coming... Artemis integration.

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Everyone's bow setup is different!  Learn how you can customize your BOWdometer to suit your setup.

Whether you want it to blend in or stand out, we have a wrap for you to try.

Make your own wrap or mount with the free plans in our shop!  Wraps are not removeable.

Brand New Apps,

Coming Soon!

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