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BOWdometer Academy

Want to know all the fine details of the BOWdometer experience?  Dive deep into it here.  No topic is off limits - if there's something you want to learn about, pop it in the video comments or DM us on social media!

Welcome to the BOWdometer Academy!

Marianne from the BOWdometer Team guides you through the BOWdometer Academy Series. In these videos we’ll talk about what BOWdometer is, how it works, and how you can use it to elevate your archery experience!

What IS a BOWdometer, anyway?

What IS a BOWdometer and what's it used for? Get the full scoop from the BOWdometer Team in Part 1 of the BOWdometer Academy series.

Note: not all social features shown are available when the new BOWdometer App launches April 6, 2021. They will keep rolling into the app in 2021!

The BEST arrow counter on the market

Still counting arrows on pen and paper or with an old click counter? Toss those away and get your hands on the best digital shot counter out there. Find why you should care about your shot counts in Part 2 of our BOWdometer Academy Series: Counting Arrows.

How does BOWdometer know when I'm taking a shot?

We've already learned why we should care how many arrows we shoot (check out Part 2 in the series if you haven't already!) but how does BOWdometer actually know when I'm taking a shot and when I'm not taking a shot? This video gets into the nitty gritty of exactly how the patented shot detection works on BOWdometer. Get ready for some math talk.

What is this Xi number and how does it measure consistency?

With archery, consistency is key. BOWdometer gives instant, simplified feedback for each shot you ever take through something called "Xi". But what is it, exactly, and how does it work? Find out all about it in this video. How is it calculated and what does it mean?

5 ways Xi can help you take your archery skills to the next level

No matter what age or skill level we are, there's always opportunity to get better. BOWdometer provides simple, instant feedback every time you shoot about your consistency. Here are 5 different ways you can use Xi elevate your archery experience.

What are these Shooting Modes and what's the difference?

BOWdometer supports multiple shooting modes when you're practicing.  The 2 modes differ in how they give feedback on your shot consistency, and they're both super useful for your archery practice!  In this video, we give an overview of the 2 shooting modes and how they were developed.

Learn more about Classic Mode, and 5 reasons to use it

BOWdometer has more than one shooting mode for your archery practice.  In this video, we talk about Classic Mode - what it is and when to use it.  Watch to learn 5 different reasons for using Classic Mode on your BOWdometer while you practice!

What is Level Mode on the BOWdometer and how does it work?

BOWdometer has more than one shooting mode for your archery practice.  In this video, we talk about Level Mode, diving into how it works and how you can use it to take your archery skills to the next level.

How do these Shot Angles on BOWdometer work?

When you practice archery with your BOWdometer, it stores angle details for every shot you take.  You can see these angles in the mobile app and see how they change over time.  In this video, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the shot angles - where to find them, what they mean for YOU on YOUR BOW and how to get even more from your data.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a category to see more, or use the search function to find what you need!

General Information

In the box

  • BOWdometer archery accessory
  • Universal mounting system that works for any bow, attached using self-fastening straps (included) or screw (not included)
  • USB charging cable
  • BOWdometer sticker
  • (Bow and smartphone/tablet not included)


Our team is dedicated to help our valued customers. Should you have any questions about BOWdometer, our team is here to help. Head to for all our resources and links. We don't just sell bow accessories; we're passionate about tech, archery and determined to provide the best archery experience for everyone!


  • Size: 1.75” x 0.6” x 0.6” (45mm x 15mm x 15mm)
  • Weight: 11g (14g with mount and straps), less than half an ounce
  • Mount: injection molded plastic mount attached using self-fastening straps (included) or standard 5/16” 24 screw (not included)
  • Rechargeable battery (micro-USB)
  • Battery life: 8-12 hours active shooting time, 7-10 days standby
  • Includes 1 built-in display screen and 2 buttons so it can be used to provide real-time feedback with a phone or tablet
  • Connects to any smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth with the optional app, available in the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple)
  • Onboard sensors: IMU sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer)


BOWdometer is an archery practice companion, built to track your practice and maintain your gear. It easily attaches to any bow in seconds without damage. It automatically counts every shot you take, so you can toss away your old click counter. It is packed full of sensors that track each shot you take from draw to release and shows you how your shot changes over time right on your bow. You can watch our introduction to BOWdometer video here.

It’s personalized to you, by learning what a shot looks like when YOU shoot YOUR bow.

Whether you’re a brand new archer or an experienced pro, BOWdometer grows with you as an archer. Bowhunters and target archers around the world are using BOWdometer to take their archery to the next level.

Use the mobile app to get more. View your history, unlock new shooting modes, challenge yourself to level up your skills and compete with your friends through leaderboards and challenges! You know how well you shoot, now prove it with BOWdometer. You can access our blog HERE for a more indepth overview of BOWdometer.

What is it for?

Join archers all over the world who use BOWdometer to:

  • Track your practice history over time to see your practice paying off
  • Compete and connect with your archer friends around the world
  • Get simple, instant feedback on consistency through BOWdometer’s Shot Xi
  • Challenge yourself to reach higher shooting levels in “Level Mode”
  • Maintain your gear by knowing your mileage between string changes and tune-ups
  • Decide if accessory adjustments or changes help improve your consistency
  • Know when your equipment is working as expected
  • Check consistency in different distances, stances and locations so you know you’ll hit the middle of the target when it counts
Click here to access our blog explaining how BOWdometer can help YOU elevate YOUR skills.


For Warranty claims, please return the product to your place of purchase. If you purchased your BOWdometer direct from BOWdometer’s online shop (, please email

Product Information

Care Tips

Here are some tips to take care of your BOWdometer:

  1. Keep it charged so it records every shot
  2. Power down your BOWdometer when installing and removing it from your bow
  3. Power down your BOWdometer when you’re not using it
  4. BOWdometer is not waterproof and is not recommended for use outdoors

Charging the Battery

When you first get your BOWdometer, make sure you charge it right away as the battery is mostly drained for safe shipping and transportation. To charge, plug your BOWdometer into a power source (e.g. wall charger or computer). The LED light around the USB on the BOWdometer will turn GREEN to indicate it is charging. Pulsing GREEN means it’s charging and solid GREEN means it’s fully charged. Your BOWdometer battery can track several hours of active shooting between charges, and should last over a week in standby. To ensure you never miss a shot, we recommend you charge between each shooting session. Make charging part of your regular routine! Your BOWdometer (using FW 2.1 and higher) should be able to charge from 0% to 2/3 full in less than an hour. NOTE: Most power banks do not work to charge the BOWdometer.

Indicator Light (LED)

There is an indicator light (LED) on the BOWdometer around the charging port. This can give you information about your BOWdometer’s status. It is not used to help assist with your shooting or technique during a shot! The light should be off during shooting unless your battery is critically low. Here are what the lights mean:

  • Pulsing green: battery is charging
  • Solid green: battery is fully charged
  • Blinking yellow: Low battery
  • Pulsing blue: Bluetooth® pairing mode for connecting to mobile apps
  • Solid white: Bluetooth® successfully connected
  • Blinking purple: Software update mode (do not power off!)
If your device is blinking red for any reason, try powering it off (through the POWER OFF menu item) and turning it back on (press and hold TOP button). If this doesn’t recover it, please contact

Display Screen and Standby Modes

Your BOWdometer display screen may appear to shut off sometimes, and it may look like it randomly turned on sometimes. We’ve added these features to help save battery so that you never miss a shot! Although it may appear off, the device is still working in the background. You can always make sure your BOWdometer is on by pressing any button. It will also turn on and show information when a shot is detected. Here is what you can expect from your Display Screen and Standby Modes:

  • Display timeout (screen turns off): 15 seconds after button press
  • Auto-off (BOWdometer shuts down): 2 hours of no movement detected
If you take a break during a practice session, always press a button to make sure your BOWdometer is turned on prior to starting your practice again.

Regulatory Information

The BOWdometer is certified for use in specific markets. United States of America, FCC ID: 2AUQD-BD01
Canada, IC ID: 24876-BD01 Europe and Global: CE
What does this mean?
All electronic products that are powered need to comply with government regulations for the countries they are sold in. Particularly, products with transmitters like Bluetooth® must be properly tested, approved and labelled according to the guidelines put forth by the regulators such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC in the United States of America). Electronic products with wireless transmitters that are NOT properly tested and labelled with identifiers (such as an FCC ID) are violating government regulations, may cause harmful interference and should be reported.

Getting Started

Join the Community

Join the BOWdometer Nation, a group of BOWdometer users and fans, where you can:

  • Share your practice, progress, tips and tricks
  • Learn from and help other BOWdometer users
  • Show off your bow setups
  • Get early access and sneak peeks to new BOWdometer features
  • Decide what new BOWdometer features get worked on next
  • Chat about archery with other people around the world
  • Participate in exclusive giveaways, contests and events
  • ... and more!
We want to hear from you! Join the BOWdometer community on Social Media @bowdometer to be part of the conversation. Share your photos and tag us! Talk to other BOWdometer users at the range to compare your stats. Our social media and online videos provide a ton of details about how to setup and use your BOWdometer. You’ll find lots of resources on our website, on YouTube and on our social media accounts such as Instagram and TikTok. If you have a specific question, feel free to direct message (DM) us on our social media accounts. We promise to keep putting out videos and content to help you get the most out of your BOWdometer. Social links are on the top and bottom of this page!

About Your BOWdometer

Introduction to Your BOWdometer Welcome to the BOWdometer family! By purchasing this product, you're ready to take your archery skills to the next level. Your BOWdometer is your practice companion. It’s meant to be used every time you practice! It will get to know your bow setups, your shot habits, and provide you with ongoing feedback. Make it part of your practice routine to have your BOWdometer on your bow to get real-time feedback. Use the mobile apps to dive deeper into your practice sessions and connect with others. Learn more about the BOWdometer via our blog here. In the box:

  • BOWdometer
  • Charging Cable (micro-USB)
  • Universal Mounting System with Self-fastening Straps
  • Quickstart Guide
The Universal Mounting System allows you to easily strap or bolt your BOWdometer onto the riser of any type of bow, it takes less than 1 minute to install! Once installed, simply pop your BOWdometer on and off for charging between uses. There is an optional mobile app for use with Android or Apple smartphones and tablets. No smartphone or tablet is included in the box. Remember: Charge the Battery after First Use! After you’ve tried out the BOWdometer, please CHARGE THE BATTERY on your BOWdometer before your next use. Don't worry, your battery should last for many hours of active shooting after its first charge. However, we are only allowed to ship the battery with limited charge, which is why you need to charge it before you start using it!

Quickstart Guide

Here are the key steps when you get your BOWdometer

  1. Charge it before first use!
  2. [Optional] Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
    • Create your account
    • Connect your BOWdometer through the app
    • Get the latest BOWdometer firmware loaded onto your BOWdometer
  3. Install it on your bow
  4. Run a bow setup (must be somewhere you can shoot arrows)
  5. Start practicing! We recommend new users start in Classic Mode and get used to their numbers before trying Level Mode (learn more on our blog)
The coolest part of BOWdometer when you first start using it is seeing your shot Xi for your first shot after you run a bow setup. Then, seeing your second shot Xi compared to your first is the most fun of all! Here's how it looks when you use BOWdometer!

Navigating the BOWdometer Screen

Hold your BOWdometer with the buttons to the right of the display screen.
Turning On:
To turn on, press and hold the TOP button until the BOWdometer screen turns on (2 seconds). Menu Controls:
Use the TOP button move to the NEXT menu item
Use the BOTTOM button to SELECT the item and perform actions Troubleshooting:
If the screen doesn’t turn on, plug in your BOWdometer to charge using the cable provided. See the CHARGING section for more details.

Installing Your BOWdometer on Your Bow

Mounting Location:
The BOWdometer works on any type of bow. You can mount your BOWdometer anywhere on the bow’s riser. Everyone’s bow setup is different so put it wherever you have space on your bow. It can face any direction, although you may want to be able to see the display while you’re practicing. It’s best to find a FLAT AREA to mount your BOWdometer. When properly fastened, the BOWdometer should not move when shaken.
Install the Mount:
Use the self-fastening straps (provided) to secure the mount (provided) on your bow riser. You can cut down the self-fastening straps using scissors if they are too long for your bow. You can also use a bolt (not provided) that fits the standard 5/16 24 screw holes on most bows. Bolts are not included with the BOWdometer but are readily available at archery shops and hardware stores. NOTE: Check out the BOWdometer shop to print or design your own custom mounts! For more information on installing your BOWdometer onto your bow, you can watch our youtube video HERE.

Bow Setup: How to Configure BOWdometer for your Bow

Bow Setup must be performed in a location where you can safely shoot arrows using your bow equipment.
Get into BOW SETUP:
Press the TOP button multiple times until you reach the BOW SETUP menu. Press the BOTTOM button to SELECT the BOW SETUP. Take 3 shots as you normally would with your equipment – they don’t need to be perfect shots but they should represent your typical shooting routine. Saving your BOW SETUP:
When you are done shooting 3 arrows, press the BOTTOM button (checkmark) to save. At any time, press the TOP button (x) to cancel out of BOW SETUP. When to Re-do BOW SETUP:
Once you save a BOW SETUP, your BOWdometer now knows what a ‘shot’ looks like on your bow equipment and saves that data profile. Your BOW SETUP is unique to you and your equipment in its current setup. You do not need to re-do your BOW SETUP every time you practice – only if something has changed. You should re-run your BOW SETUP if you have:

  • Moved your BOWdometer to a different location on your bow
  • Moved your BOWdometer to a different bow
  • Changed your bow setup (e.g. limbs, arrows, accessories, draw length, draw weight)
  • Tuned or serviced your bow
If you find your BOWdometer is not recognizing your shots, simply do your BOW SETUP again. Little changes can make a big impact on the BOWdometer sensor readings! Your BOW SETUP also contributes to your Xi calculation. HERE you can access our video that explains how to use the BOWdometer.

Start Practicing

You’re ready to use your BOWdometer! Here’s what you should know before you start using it:

  • Charging:
    • You will need to fully charge your BOWdometer after your first use – but once you’ve done that once you should be able to get 8 hours of active shooting time in between charges! To charge, simply pop the BOWdometer off the mount and plug it in. The next time you practice, simply snap it back in place, turn it on and you’re ready to go! (Remember: Re-do the BOW SETUP if your equipment setup has changed)
  • During Practice:
    • This product is meant to be used every time you practice. We recommend making it part of your routine:
    • Snap it onto your mount before you start to warm up
    • [Optional] Re-do BOW SETUP if your equipment has changed
    • If you take a long break, press the TOP button to wake up your sensors before you start shooting again
  • Turn it off using the POWER OFF screen when you’re done practicing
  • Pop it off the mount after practice and charge it at home between sessions
What to Expect
  • Using BOWdometer:
    • The BOWdometer has a display screen and buttons so that anyone can use it – at any age and any skill level. You can use your BOWdometer on its own to get instant, personalized feedback about each shot through our shot Xi: eXecution Index on the BOWdometer device. Click here to access our blog explaining Xi.
  • On its own, here’s what BOWdometer does to help you master your sport:
    • It counts every shot you take, just like a car odometer (TOTAL COUNT screen)
    • It has a resettable session counter, just like a car trip meter (SESSION screen)
    • It measures consistency through our shot Xi: execution index, pronounced “sigh” (SESSION screen)
    • Xi Levels: when shooting in Level Mode, you start at Level 1 and move up through the levels as your consistency improves, so you know your practice is paying off (SESSION screen)
However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. To get the most out of your practice, you should download and use the accompanying mobile apps – they’re free! Using BOWdometer with Mobile Apps:
The BOWdometer FREE mobile apps give you more, so grab your smartphone or tablet and install the apps. There’s a whole section about using the apps, which communicate using Bluetooth to your device. The apps help you:
  • See your practice history
  • Track your progress over time
  • Connect and compete with your friends
  • Export your data
  • ... and more!

Connecting Your Mobile App

App Setup: Connecting your BOWdometer to the Mobile Applications If you use the mobile apps, your app AND your BOWdometer BOTH need to be scanning at the same time in order to connect. Here are the steps to connect:

  1. Ensure your mobile device (tablet/smartphone) is configured properly
    • Make sure Bluetooth® is turned on through your mobile device settings
    • You will be required to allow the app to access your location for Bluetooth® pairing to work
  2. On your BOWdometer, go to APP SETUP
    • Press the TOP button multiple times until APP SETUP appears.
    • Press the BOTTOM button to enter pairing mode.
    • You will see the last 4 digits of your BOWdometer ID displayed
    • The LED light on your BOWdometer will breathe BLUE when it’s in pairing mode
    • NOTE: if you can’t see APP SETUP menu item, it means your BOWdometer is already connected to the app
  3. On your mobile app, go to menu - Manage Devices or click "Pair your BOWdometer" on the dashboard
    • If the dashboard lists a connected BOWdometer, then it's already connected and you don't need to connect again
    • Otherwise, following the instructions and then select your BOWdometer ID to pair
  4. When pairing is successful, the BOWdometer LED light will glow white for a few seconds and the APP SETUP menu item will disappear
    • NOTE: On your BOWdometer, you can cancel out of APP SETUP by pressing the TOP button (x).
Using the Mobile App version 2.1.0 and higher, your BOWodmeter should automatically reconnect if goes out of range during practice and loses connection. You do need to pair it when you first open the app each time. You can see the status of your devices anytime on the app's dashboard or the Manage Devices section in the menu. What does the Mobile App Collect from BOWdometer? Any data that’s collected on the BOWdometer during an active practice session will be moved over to the app. This includes details of your SESSION, including session level, counts and Xi values for every shot. The mobile app collects some information about you too - at a minimum, it stores an email address and basic information that cannot personally identify you as an individual. Passwords are encrypted. Your data is stored in a secured database and cannot be shared without your permission. You can see our privacy policy here.

Using BOWdometer

What to Do Before you Shoot: Step by Step

Here's what you do before you shoot!

  1. Snap it onto your mount before you start to warm up
  2. Power on your BOWdometer by pressing and holding the TOP button for 2 seconds
  3. [Optional] Re-do BOW SETUP if your equipment has changed
  4. [Optional] If you use the mobile apps, have the app open and connected to your BOWdometer
Start your warm-up routine as usual! When you’re ready to start practicing, start a new SESSION If there's a firmware update for your BOWdometer, you'll be required to update before you can start a session through the app. You may need to plug into power to charge, although newer firmware versions only require 2/3 battery charge to do the update - it only takes 2 minutes!

Starting and Managing Sessions

On your BOWdometer Enter the SESSION screen: press the TOP button multiple times until you reach the SESSION screen and then press the BOTTOM button to select.

To start a new SESSION, press and hold the “SELECT” button for 2 seconds. The numbers will reset to 0. Now you will know how many shots you’ve taken from this point forward until you reset the SESSION again.

Using the App From the dashboard, click "New Session", select your settings and go! You need a BOWdometer connected to start a session. You can only have one session active at a time, so if you had previously paused a session, you need to continue that session and end it if you want to start a new session. To learn more about the shooting modes available through the app, check out that section in the FAQs Previous Session The Previous Session screen will show you all your previous sessions, in order of date shot. If you shot without the app connected, the shots will sync next time you connect and show up here.

How to Use BOWdometer While you're Shooting

Most users keep their BOWdometer on the SESSION screen during practice. In this screen, the counter is shown on the left half of the screen and you will see the Xi for your last shot on the right half of the screen. As you take each shot, the Xi for that shot is flashed on the screen for a few seconds and gives you instant feedback on your shot consistency.

When you’re in the SESSION screen, click the BOTTOM button to toggle between your last shot Xi and your Xi Level. Your Xi Level does not change in a session.

If you’re connected to your mobile app, you will see each shot appear in the app’s Session Details screen as you are shooting, as long as your mobile device is close to your BOWdometer (within 5 feet, typically)

Shot Counting: How it Works

Shot Detection Once your BOWdometer detects a shot, it's reading the sensor measurements from before and after the shot itself. Your BOWdometer is reviewing 2 seconds of data before your shot and 0.5 seconds of data after you release your shot. This will include your hold, your clicker (if you use one), the release and your bow's movement after the shot. Depending on how quickly you shoot after you draw, this may include some or all of your draw as well. Shot Counting Once BOWdometer detects the shot, it increases your session count and total count by 1 and your shot Xi will be calculated using the sensor data from the 2.5 seconds of the shot. Troubleshooting If your BOWdometer is counting shots that aren't real, do a Bow Setup... the default shot detection is standard for lightweight bows. If your BOWdometer is missing shots, try running a Bow Setup again Note: our Shot Detection process is a patented method filed with the US Patent Office.


Customer Support

There are several ways to get support, pick the one that works for you! All our support inquiries are typically answered within 1-3 business days. Search this page You'll find tons of information here, and you can see all our videos that teach you how to use and troubleshoot your BOWdometer. Post on BOWdometer Nation BOWdometer Nation is a Facebook Group filled with BOWdometer users who can help you out, including the BOWdometer team members and Ambassadors. Look on social media Our YouTube has lots of videos about using BOWdometer, so if you have a general question you can check there or on your Instagram. You can find links at the top and bottom of this page. We are very active on social media Direct Messages (DMs), so go ahead and send us a DM if you have a question for a quick response! Send a bug report If you're seeing something strange in the app, immediately go to Menu - Help - Report a Bug and tell us what's going on! This will attach logs (if you allow it) so we can dig into the cause of the problem and get it sorted out for you. Email us If you’re having a problem with your BOWdometer, please reach out by email and we will answer your email as soon as we can. If you prefer talking on the phone you can email with a contact number and a few time ranges that work for you and we will do our best to accommodate! When you email in, please include the following information:

  • Your location and/or time zone
  • Where you purchased your BOWdometer
  • Your BOWdometer’s ID number (on the bottom of the product)
  • Your BOWdometer version information (found in the POWER OFF screen)
  • If you use the mobile app, please include your app version number (found in Settings) and whether it’s an Android or Apple product, if you know

I Can't Connect my BOWdometer to my App

The BOWdometer device on your bow can connect to mobile apps on iOS (Apple products, like iPhones) and Android (Samsung, Google, etc.) using Bluetooth wireless technology. Almost all phones and tablets support Bluetooth for wireless communications. Both Android and iOS require you to give access to Location Services when using Bluetooth, so please sure those permissions and services are in place when connecting!

Because every phone provider may design their phones differently, sometimes the Bluetooth connection behaves differently on different phones. This is especially true for Android phones and tablets. Older phones (3 years+) may have more challenges connecting. We do our best to provide the best experience to everyone so please let us know if you're having problems connecting!
Here are the main things to try when you're having trouble connecting:

  1. Chec your phone settings to make sure Bluetooth is on
  2. Check your phone settings to make sure Bluetooth Scanning is enabled
  3. Check your phone settings to make sure Location Services are on
  4. Check your phone settings to make sure the BOWdometer App is allowed to access Bluetooth and Location Services
  5. Force quit the BOWdometer App and start it again, this refreshes the Bluetooth service for the app
  6. Reboot your Phone, as sometimes the Bluetooth status just needs a restart
Android Bluetooth Issues If you're having trouble connecting on Android, please try the steps listed on this article.

There are some models of Android phones that seem to struggle more than others with the Bluetooth connection:
  • Moto X Play
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+
Send in a bug report if you have having connection issues, through the app Menu - Help - Report a Bug

Common Bluetooth Problems on Android

The wide and free availability of Android to phone and tablet manufacturers gives the user many choices for an Android device. However, each choice is slightly different and some of the areas of difference include the user interface and Bluetooth.

If you're not sure what kind of phone you have, you can run a Google Search. If it's not an Apple product (like an iPhone), it's probably an Android phone.
Location Permissions On Android is the requirement to allow the Location permission when scanning or connecting to Bluetooth devices. First thing is to ensure that the BOWdometer app has been granted this permission.
(NOTE: Screens will vary on Android devices depending on version and manufacturer)

  • Go to the Android settings screen and locate the search bar
  • Type "bowdometer" into the search bar and select the "BOWdometer App Info" result
  • Select the Permissions item
  • Ensure that the Location permission is on
  • Try connecting your BOWdometer from the BOWdometer app again
Bluetooth Service Reset The Bluetooth Service running on Android, from time-to-time, goes into a bad state and requires a reset before Bluetooth will work again. You may have experienced this for things like wireless speakers or handsfree sets. To do a reset, it is usually sufficient to clear that Bluetooth Service cache.
  • Go to the Android settings screen and locate the search bar
  • Type "app info" into the search bar and select the "Apps & Notifications" result (Note: the result name may differ between Android version and the manufacturers)
  • You should see a screen with various details about the apps in your system.
  • Roll to the very bottom and there should be some option to "See all ??? apps". (Note: the exact wording and location on the screen may differ on your device)
  • In the upper-right corner, there should (usually) be three dots and when selected should pop up a menu
  • Select the "Show System" item (Note: some devices may say "Show System Apps" or "Show System Services" or the like)
  • Roll down the listing until you find "Bluetooth" and select it
  • Press "Force Stop", this stops and restarts the Bluetooth Service and it may suffice to get your Bluetooth connections going again
  • Select the Storage item
  • Press "Clear Cache", this clears some of the recent state information from the service and it may get your Bluetooth connections going again
  • Press "Clear Data", this clears all of the state in the Bluetooth Service which for some may be when they first purchased their phone
  • Try reconnecting your BOWdometer through the BOWdometer App again
Following these steps should fix most Bluetooth problems and enable your BOWdometer App to connect to the BOWdometer again. Problems with the OnePlus 6 Phone The OnePlus 6 Android phone has some known problems with Bluetooth in general, for any products. Some users have had issues connecting to their BOWdometer using this phone - it's not a BOWdometer problem, but it does have a solution! By following the steps in this online article, you should be able to connect to your BOWdometer. As a summary, you'll need to do a Force Stop, Clear Data, Clear Cache on the services "Bluetooth", "BTtestmode", and "Bluetooth MIDI Service", restart phone. If that doesn't work, you'll need to delete all your paired devices and try connecting again. If you can't connect, please reach out to us or post in BOWdometer Nation to ask for help! Problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Users with the Galaxy Note 10+ have had issues trying to update BOWdometer firmware thruogh the app. The reason is unknown at this time, so unfortunately users with a Note 10/10+ will need to use a different tablet/phone to do the firmware updates.

Missed Shots on the BOWdometer

The BOWdometer device attached to your bow automatically identifies and counts shots as you take them. It's designed to know what a shot looks like from your bow when you shoot it - everyone's setup is unique to them!

The counting feature relies on the BOW SETUP function that you run to configure your BOWdometer. You can find instructions about running the setup in the related articles section. Initially, when you get your new BOWdometer, you need to run a BOW SETUP in order for the product to start working properly for you!

If you find your BOWdometer device on your bow is not recognizing your shots, re-run your BOW SETUP and see if that improves it. Make sure your BOW SETUP arrows are representative of an average shot.
Remember, you should re-run your bow setup every time you modify your bow or your setup. When you take your 3 shots, make sure you're representing your typical shots - especially paying attention to being consistent with your draw length and typical hold. These shouldn't be warm up shots, these should be standard practice shots where you focus and concentrate as you would during practice, competition or out on a hunt. This includes any of the following scenarios:

  • Moving your BOWdometer to a new bow
  • Adding or removing any accessories from your bow
  • Changing your draw weight or draw length
  • Tuning your bow
  • Moving your BOWdometer onto a different spot on your bow
  • Changing your release
  • Using different arrows
  • Adding, changing or removing a stabilizer
If that doesn't work, please reach out to us for support.

BOWdometer Bow Setup

If your BOWdometer Bow Setup is not configured properly, it may count other movements that aren't shots. Your Bow Setup is extremely important to ensure your BOWdometer is counting shots and providing you with consistent feedback. Watch the video below to see how a Bow Setup is completed. Please also do a Bow Setup when you change aspects of your form and/or equipment. This will ensure the information you recieve on consistency is accurate.

Using the App

Getting Started

Our new app is availble on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can also download our new from This link will provide you with a two click download along with informative information about our new BOWdometer experience. For more information you can watch our Youtube video that introduces our new mobile app.

Installing the Mobile Apps

Installing the Mobile Apps The BOWdometer Mobile Apps give you MORE. MORE shot details. MORE shot history. MORE connection to others. They are free to use, available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Search "BOWdometer" on your mobile device's App platform or use the links above to download the apps. You need to have a BOWdometer in order to use the apps!

Registering for an Account / Logging In

Registering for an Account When you first open your app, you will need to Register for a new account. Fill in the basic information requested. Your email address and password will be used to login across any devices you have. Once you have an account setup, you will be able to track your shot history and see your consistency build up over time! Logging In To login, use the login screen with your credentials. If you forget your password, follow the Forgot Password link from the login screen to reset it. If you were previously a user of our original app (orange/white/blue), click here for instructions on moving over: Note: All the user information you enter is stored securely and can be changed by you at any time through the App menu. Passwords cannot be accessed by anyone, including the BOWdometer team.

Connecting your BOWdometer to the App

For best results, your BOWdometer should be paired to your app before you start practicing. Check out the video below that shows the pairing procedure and what to expect from your app during practice. You can find detailed instructions in the Getting Started section, or skip to 00:46 in this video to see it in action. Your BOWdometer should automatically reconnect when you go out of range during an active session, most of the time. You may need to manually reconnect from time to time depending on how long it's been out of range.

Shot Angles

You can see the angles for the shot in the shot overview slide-up from the bottom when you are looking at your session details. For shots your just took, it may take a minute for your angles to appear. Watch our BOWdometer Academy video that explains how shot angles work in-depth and how it works for specific bow setups. The angles of the shot currently depend on how the BOWdometer is mounted on your bow. These angles are calculated at the precise moment the shot is fired, at the point of peak acceleration. The first angle shown is angle "A" from the diagram below. The second angle shown is angle "B" from the diagram below. The third angle shown is angle "C" from the diagram below. Angle Examples If your BOWdometer is mounted facing you while you shoot with the 2 buttons at the top, like the picture below, the angles would be as follows: First angle "A": tilt - up/down Second angle "B": torque - left/right Third angle "C": cant - level (check your bubble) If your BOWdometer is mounted facing the side with the 2 buttons on the right and charging port pointing towards the target, like the picture below, the angles would be as follows: First angle "A": torque - left/right Second angle "B": cant - level (check your bubble!) Third angle "C": tilt - up/down If your BOWdometer is mounted facing you while you shoot with the 2 buttons on the right, like the picture below, the angles would be as follows: First angle "A": torque - left/right Second angle "B": tilt - up/down Third angle "C": cant - level (check your bubble)

Tracking Consistency (Xi)

Tracking Shot Consistency: What is Xi?

Tracking Shot Consistency: What is Xi? Xi (pronounced “sigh”) stands for execution index. (It’s also the name of the squiggle in our logo, the Greek letter x). Watch our video explaining how Xi works. Xi is how your BOWdometer measures and reports your shot consistency. It’s our patent-pending method of taking sensor data from the BOWdometer and calculating a Xi value for each shot.

The simple explanation: Consistent numbers = consistent technique.

The goal of archery is to be able to repeat the same technique and interaction with your bow over and over. As you do this, you build consistency. Consistency is how archers master their sport! Xi is how the BOWdometer helps you in your quest to build consistency.

For every shot you take, Xi is calculated. The closer your numbers are to each other, the more consistent you and your bow equipment are being. If you shoot 2 shots and they have the exact same Xi value, it means you repeated the exact same shot twice.

Now, there’s a ton of math involved, obviously. Try taking some shots and see what your results are!

Consistency: How does Xi Help Me?

Xi helps build consistency over time in many ways. Here are some of the ways you can use Xi to help build confidence that your practice is paying off: Xi Ranges We built Xi so that your average Xi should always be close to 50. Most of your shots should be in the 30-70 range. If you see shots outside that range, you’ll know that something isn’t quite right. Or if you get a number that’s much different than your normal Xi values, you’ll know something has changed.

Remember, Xi is objective – it’s using real, personalized information to track your shot habits. Xi Spread For each session, you’ll have a range of Xi values from your shots. We call the difference between your highest Xi and your lowest Xi your “Xi spread”. Over time, your spread should get smaller if you’re improving your consistency.

A smaller Xi Spread means a more consistent practice session.

The mobile apps save and store your Xi spread for each session so you can easily see that you’re improving over time.

You should be able to compare you Xi spread with other archers, especially if they’re at the same Xi level as you. Confidence in Equipment Because Xi knows your shooting history, if you start to see your Xi numbers drift during a session it may be that your equipment is changing. Perhaps a screw is coming loose or your cam timing is off. It can’t tell you what’s wrong, but it can indicate something is wrong. If something drastic changes with your equipment, you will be able to tell immediately.

If you’re warming up for a tournament or league night, you can use Xi to know if your equipment is working as expected by seeing if your Xi values are what you expect while you’re warming up. The more you use your BOWdometer, the more you’ll get to know your personalized Xi habits. Knowing When to Stop Practicing Let’s be honest, sometimes we have bad days at the practice range. Or sometimes we know we’re fatigued and should stop practicing, but we keep going anyways. And when we do, we may be doing more harm than good. Use Xi to see when your numbers start drifting farther away from 50 than usual.

Using the mobile app, you’ll be able to see all your session data and individual shot data. You can find trends to know when you get fatigued and should consider stopping your practice. You can also use this same method to see an improvement in your shooting stamina over time.

Xi Levels and Level Mode

(This applies to Level Mode shots only) As you build consistency, your Xi Level can change. Everyone starts at Level 1. If your level increases, it’s because your consistency has improved enough to bump you up to the next level. Congratulations!

Now, when you move to a higher level, you need to work harder to achieve consistency. Leveling up is like zooming in on your movement, so small changes in movement will have bigger impact on your shot Xi.

For example, you may be taking shots at Level 1 with a Xi Spread of 10. Then you move to Level 2 you will find that your Xi spread is much higher than 10! At higher levels, it is more challenging to refine your Xi spread, so you need to keep practicing to move up to the higher levels.

You can check your Xi level on your BOWdometer when in Level Mode, you'll see it show up in the middle to the bottom left of the Xi symbol.

On the mobile app, you can see your Xi Level in your previous sessions and profile. Some facts about Xi Levels:

  • You need to shoot at least 50 shots total before your level may change.
  • Your shot history impacts your level:As your consistency improves, your level increasesIf your consistency gets worse, your level may decrease
  • Your level can only change when you start a new session; it will not change in the middle of a session
  • Different types of bows and bow setups may impact your level; for example a compound bow with a stabilizer may have more stability than a traditional recurve bow so it may be easier to achieve Xi consistency and level up with the more stable setup
Xi Levels: How Levels are Calculated and How they Impact Xi over Time What is Xi again? Xi (pronounced "sigh") is the BOWdometer's method of measuring consistency. Your BOWdometer gives an instant Xi number for every shot, and shows you your Xi shot history if you use the optional mobile apps. This makes it easy to understand when you're being consistent with your shot.

As you shoot, your BOWdometer is learning about you: what your shot profile typically looks like, what your Xi range and spread is for various shots and how your data changes over time - either due to your equipment changing or your technique changing.

Xi is focused on how you are interacting with your bow equipment. Xi doesn't know what your target score is or where it landed compared to where you aimed - you already know that as you practice as you can see it visually. When it's calculated, it's looking at your interactions with your bow (hold, release) and your bow's performance. As you keep shooting, keep an eye on your Xi values to see your lowest and highest ones. These shots are the most different from your baseline. They may have the same or similar results on the target, but how you and your equipment moved to achieve that result was different.

We call the difference between your lowest and highest Xi in a session your "Xi Spread". It's automatically calculated and stored on the mobile app, so use the apps for best results.

Consistent, repeatable shots will lead to a small Xi Spread. Your BOWdometer is tracking your Xi Spreads over time, and that contributes to your Xi Level.

If you do the exact same movements during your shot (including hold and release) and your equipment functions the exact same way, you will get the same number every time. Everyone starts at Level 1 with their new BOWdometer. Shot Xi's are grouped around 50, with some shots being higher and some being lower. Your BOWdometer remembers all your shots and knows when you're improving your consistency.

As you build consistency and your Xi spread tightens over time, your BOWdometer is designed to push you to improve even more. To do this, it increases your Xi Level. When your Xi Level increases, congratulations, you've leveled up!

When you level up, small changes in movement from the baseline make a bigger impact on your Xi and Xi Spread. It becomes more challenging to get a tight Xi Spread, which is the ultimate goal. You need to work harder to address tiny inconsistencies. In a way, higher levels are magnifying every movement. How is Xi Level calculated? Xi Levels are based on a mathematical algorithm that was developed specifically for the BOWdometer based on testing data from hundreds of thousands of shots. It's a patent-pending method so we can't disclose it in detail, but here are some factors that can impact your Xi Level:
Your Bow Setup: which you run to teach your BOWdometer what YOUR shots look like Your Xi History: it looks at your recent shooting history over time and factors that into your Xi (note: you have to take at least 50 shots before your level can change) Your First Shots in a Session: the first 10 shots in your session are setting a baseline for your equipment. As you keep shooting after that, if something changes on your equipment you will notice your Xi values for the session may start to drift and it may impact your Level
You can see how personal the Xi and Xi Level calculations are to you, your setup and how you interact with your equipment. If your equipment, shooting method or accessories change, make sure you give your BOWdometer some time to learn your new shooting habits! How do I see my Xi Level? There are 2 ways to view your level:
  • On your BOWdometer, while in your session screen in Level mode, you can see your level as number on the lower left of the Xi symbol that's in the middle of your screen
  • On your mobile app, if you use one, you can see your Level in several places: in your previous sessions screen (there's a chart for it), in your profile and in your sessions
Your Xi Level only changes when you start a new session. It does not change mid-session, so your Xi values for a session are all calculated at the same level.

You can go up multiple levels after one really good session and you can also get bumped down in level if you are struggling to maintain consistency. The apps help show you this journey over time, so make sure you're using them while you're shooting! What is the point of these Levels? When you play a video game, the game gets harder over time. Otherwise, it's not very challenging and it's not very fun, and you'll stop playing.

When we were originally testing the BOWdometer product with 100 customers, the really good shooters would keep getting the exact same Xi number over and over with their shots - even if they shot a 9 instead of a 10! So although the Xi numbers were helpful to beginners to know they're getting better over time, they weren't helpful to really good archers... other than giving them warm fuzzies that their shots were great. And they already probably know that.

Xi Levels are the BOWdometer's way of challenging people to keep practicing to take their consistency to the next level AND magnifying differences in shots to be useful to highly consistent archers too.

And we'll keep adding all kinds of new features over time to help you understand your data and know how to progress to the next level. Stay tuned!

What does Xi measure?

The BOWdometer sensors measure all kinds of aspects of your shot, including movement (such as cant, tilt, twist, etc.), vibration and force. Xi is calculated using sensor data from your hold, your release and your bow’s movement after the shot. Your BOWdometer takes all the data and comes up with a single number for each shot, between 0-100. That number is displayed on the screen and stored in the app if you’re using the mobile app. Here are some details about Xi:

  • Over time, BOWdometer is learning about your shot habits through the Xi calculations
  • Xi factors in sensor data, your bow setup, your shot history and your Xi level
  • The first shot in each session will always be 50
  • Higher numbers aren’t “better” than lower numbers
  • Xi numbers themselves aren’t really comparable person-to-person as they are unique to you and your setup
NOTE: Our method for measuring and calculating Xi is patent-pending.

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