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The App experience

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App features and how it works


Connect to BOWdometer to track your shots.

A quick and easy connection to move your data onto a bigger screen to track your progress towards your goals and compete with friends.

Don't change the way you practice... you can connect live while you're shooting or after your practice session is done.


Compare your shooting across sessions.

Reflect on your history to see your progress over time... you may not notice every day but all your practice is paying off!


Dig deeper into your shooting data.

Make notes on shots and sessions.  Use Classic Mode when you're making setup changes to see if they help.  Compare your shot Xi and shooting angles shot over shot... for every shot you ever take!

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User Experience

After doing many interviews with different users, we have created an a brand new user experience and flow of the BOWdometer app.

What to expect in the app

Easier pairing with the BOWdometer and loading new software to unlock more features.

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New detailed session graphs, new data visuals, and easier setup instructions.

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Classic Vs. Leveling mode

Classic Mode:

Take shots and see your feedback in a "free play" mode.  Great for working on form changes, evaluating new accessories or tuning your gear.  Shooting in Classic mode won't affect your Xi Level.

Leveling Mode: 

Use this to monitor your practice and work on getting to a higher Xi Level.  When you level up, the sensitivity increases to really challenge yourself to hone in on your skills!

Switching between modes is only available through the app.


More session data

You can enter and track your target score (coming soon!) for your shots as you shoot or after your practice is done.

Write notes about your shots and sessions that you can look back on later.  Look forward to being able to export your session data if you want to dive deeper.

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Set goals!

Practice makes perfect! 


Set weekly shot goals. Challenge yourself to shoot more and celebrate when you reach your goals.

Compete with your friends on the Leaderboard to see who shoots the most each week.


This is just the beginning. We'll be rolling out features throughout the year that will completely change your archery experience.  Follow us on social to get sneak peeks!


"It's very professionally put together, very user friendly and has tons of information there for people right at their finger tips."

—  Daniela W

Curious about the process?

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