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Ambassador Program

Our Ambassadors are here to help build the Archery Tech community,

...powered by BOWdometer.

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Spreading the word about BOWdometer and the archery tech ecosystem we are building.

Helping us shape the future of our products by influencing features, products and community outreach. 

Representing the global archery community, including people of all ages and skill levels around the world.


Find Your Ambassador


Our Ambassadors

Do you have what it takes to become an Ambassador?


About the Program

Sorry, the program is currently closed. 

Follow us on Social Media to hear when it re-opens!

The Right Fit

Our Ambassadors need to be passionate about archery, and passionate about the potential of tech in archery.  They are active in their local archery community and can represent our brand.  Our Ambassadors are collaborative and enjoy working as part of team.



Our Ambassadors get product, swag and early access to new things we're working on.  Most importantly, they get full access to the BOWdometer team to talk about anything, anytime.  They love the brand and use the products in their everyday life.

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Our Ambassadors represent our brand to the public.  They meet with the BOWdometer team to understand our future plans and make themselves available to others to answer questions and give honest feedback.

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