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BOWdometer makes Artemis better.

This gamechanging collaboration gives you access to BOWdometer data right in the Artemis App.



is the premiere high-performance training Android app for archers and coaches to help you improve your skills.

It's developed by the head coach of the Netherlands National Compound Archery Team and is used by thousands of archers worldwide.


Check out these Artemis features


Live bowcant visualization, including audio alerts when you go outside a threshold.  Automatically store the angle at the moment of the shot.


Bowcant angles show up on your target plot to easily visualize the impact of your bowcant on your shots


Analyze your Data


Xi Groupings:

Remember, Xi is how BOWdometer measures and feeds back your consistency shot over shot.  Xi values grouped closely together mean your movements are being repeated.

When connected, Artemis will automatically track your Xi values for your shots.  Analyze them by filtering your shots and seeing groupings based on shot Xi values.

Bowcant Groupings: 

Just like your Xi numbers, you can see groupings of shots on your target plot based on your bowcant.  This will let you dig deep into your odd shots to see if bowcant changes may impact your final scores.

Track Shot Consistency and Score

Finally, you can track your target plot score with your shot Xi !  Dig into the Xi numbers for your lowest or highest 

When connected, your shot Xi is automatically stored in the top of your score entry.



Bowcant variation is one of the BIGGEST score-loss mechanisms in outdoor archery.

A ONE DEGREE bow tip lean results in a 14cm / 5.5" left-right offset at 70m.  IT MATTERS.

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Here's how you get started...

Get Artemis

Artemis is available on the Google Play Store.  You will need to upgrade to the Premium or Coach version to access BOWdometer features!


You need Artemis v5.1 or higher installed. You will find mounting options available in the app to select for your BOWdometer setup.

Get the BOWdometer App

Get the free app BOWdometer App from the Google Play Store.  Connect your BOWdometer and get the latest update installed! 


You need BOWdometer App v2.5.2 or higher and BOWdometer firmware v2.3.  You can read about these versions here.

Get your BOWdometer

There are many ways to buy BOWdometer!  Use the Shop section at the top of this page to see where you can buy from.

Save shipping fees!  Shop local.  Make sure your go-to archery shop knows you want a BOWdometer so they can get it in stock.

Improve your Training!

Here is the setup document for Artemis, and here is the Artemis BOWdometer user guide.


Once you get set up, you'll have access to all the features!  The BOWdometer App runs in the background and you use all the features right in Artemis.

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