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BOWdometer is featured in That Hunting Girl on Sportsman Channel Canada

Season 3 of That Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn Mayhew started off with a bang, highlighting Amanda's Range Day - and BOWdometer got to be there!

If you don't know who Amanda Lynn Mayhew is, go check her out! She is an award-winning outdoorswoman who has dedicated her life to Hunting and Outdoor Lifestyle education. She has been hosting Range Day events across Ontario for a decade.

BOWdometer was proud to take part in the event filmed in October 2021 at the East Grey Hunters and Anglers Association in Meaford, Ontario. The event brought together 72 women and young girls to learn about about try different types of guns and bows. It's fun, educational, inspirational and brings the outdoor community together!

Check out this preview and stream the episode now, which aired first on March 28, 2022!

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