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Cheers to One Year of BOWdometer

One year ago, we started shipping BOWdometer for the first time to archers! Now, archers around the world have used BOWdometer to count and track over a million shots, and it grows every day! Our goal has remained the same: to elevate the archery experience. Come walk down memory lane with us as we see where we started, how it's going now and where we're heading next!

For new folks here, BOWdometer is an archery practice companion built to help you track your practice and maintain your gear. Although it's been selling for a year, we're still at the starting line of unlocking the full potential of Archery Tech with BOWdometer!

It was an exciting time for the team to start shipping to our first customers and our distribution partner Lancaster Archery in North America in late March 2020. As you read that date, you'll probably realize that this was just as the economy in North America was shutting down due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Although it was a challenging time, we were thankful to have a solution on the market that can help archers connect virtually from anywhere in the world!

In the Fall, we launched into Europe through new distribution partners JVD Archery and Strebel Bogensport. Archers all over Europe are using BOWdometer and are eagerly awaiting our Artemis Integration using our BOWdometer Open Platform, coming in 2021!

With the new BOWdometer Open Platform, anyone can access BOWdometer data and use it to build their own app, including live sensor data and BOWdometer tools. You don't need to know how to build sensor hardware or connect to Bluetooth - we've done all the heavy lifting for you. Archers, coaches and industry members are buzzing with ideas on how they can use data from their bows in new and exciting ways!

One of my favorite parts of BOWdometer is the archery community we've built. Even though in-person events were mostly cancelled in the past year, we have so much fun on social media. We have a community on Facebook called BOWdometer Nation and we have 75 amazing Beta Testers trying new software and firmware for us (and letting us break stuff from time to time!)

On social media, we love seeing BOWdometer users get creative with their BOWdometers through customization. Archers everywhere are grabbing the free mount and wrap design files and truly making their BOWdometer their own! Check out our Instagram highlights to see some of them. We also run giveaways, challenges and events to keep archers motivated, even when we don't have events to be training for.

We are now shipping into countries all over the world, and in January 2021 we officially launched our BOWdometer Ambassador program. We now have over 70 Ambassadors around the world that archers can chat with about BOWdometer and know all about what we're building next!

The original BOWdometer we shipped is still the same look and feel as today, but lots has changed behind the scenes! Our original mobile app was a starting point for us, and we spent 2020 working with archers around the world to create a brand new app experience which launches in April 2021. The new app is a gamechanger! We have put our heart and soul into it to bring it to our archery community.

Check out this video that showcases what's about to launch!

Looking forward, we have a ton of new features planned for the app, including achievement badges, competitions, events and making it even easier to organize and track your data! We've got several new partnerships lined up and can't wait to see what the rest of 2021 brings.

The archery community has been resilient through this challenging year, and so has the BOWdometer team. As the world slowly starts to open up again, we look forward to being out there with you all at tournaments, events and having fun at the range!

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