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Introducing BOWdometer: Helping Archers Make Every Shot Count

WATERLOO, ONT, Canada- January 9, 2020 – Today Toxon Technologies announces that they have signed distribution agreements for BOWdometer TM with three of North America’s leading archery distribution companies - Kinsey's Archery Products Inc, Lancaster Archery Supply, and Monsen’s Sporting Goods Limited.

BOWdometer is a first-of-its-kind universal bow accessory designed to help archers build consistency as they practice. These agreements will allow archery dealers across the United States and Canada to offer BOWdometer to archers of all skill levels.

BOWdometer uses a combination of sensors to capture performance data during an archer’s shot. The shot data is presented back to the archer using Toxon Technologies’ shot execution index – XiTM (pronounced “sye”). The shot Xi number is a patent-pending process of representing the sensor data for each shot in a simple and actionable way to the archer.

BOWdometer attaches to any bow – recurve, compound, crossbow and more – using self-fastening straps.

Features include:

  • Automatic shot counting for sessions and over bow lifetime

  • Shot consistency feedback via Xi - shot eXecution Index

  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity

  • iPhone, iPad and Android apps with extended features and social sharing

“We’re passionate about using technology to enhance the sport of archery,” said Marianne Bell, CEO of Toxon Technologies. “Our BOWdometer product helps archers gain confidence in their practice by giving them real-time, actionable feedback. The BOWdometer mobile apps open up a huge opportunity for archers to connect with each other and get personalized insights using data analytics.”

Toxon Technologies co-founder George Wagner has spent the last 40 years serving the archery community in Southwestern Ontario, most notably as the owner of The Bow Shop. “Archers and their bow setups are unique. We designed BOWdometer to be light, small and easy to install on any bow,” said Wagner.

Toxon Technologies is launching BOWdometer at the Archery Trade Association tradeshow on January 9-11, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana and is a featured product in their New Product Showcase. Dealers and distributors are invited to booth #1531 to see BOWdometer in person and learn how Toxon Technologies is enhancing the archery experience using technology.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Alex Kinsella

Toxon Technologies

For sales inquiries, please contact:

Joe Deu-Ngoc,

Toxon Technologies

About Toxon Technologies

Toxon Technologies was founded in 2018 to leverage current technology trends to provide archers with feedback and insights to enhance their sport. Toxon Technologies was founded by two tech industry veterans, Marianne Bell and Joe Deu-Ngoc, and long-time archery dealer George Wagner. Combining their expertise in technology and archery, Toxon Technologies is launching their first product – BOWdometer – in 2020.

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