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Archery's FIRST Open Source Development Platform - let your bow do the talking!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

BOWdometer is the first archery practice companion that elevates your archery experience. You can use on its own or with our killer mobile app. .

Our app is focused on being fun, motivating and social. But what if you want MORE than what our app provides?

Instead of waiting for our small team to build up new features, we’ve opened development up through our BOWdometer Open Platform.

With the BOWdometer Open Platform, anyone – including you – has access to raw, live sensor data and our BOWdometer toolkit. This transforms your fun archery practice companion into a powerful open-source data provider.

So what’s available on the BOWdometer Open Platform? Your BOWdometer is a powerful piece of tech on its own. It processes sensor data right on the BOWdometer itself. The BOWdometer Open Platform includes all our data libraries, algorithms and more!

So how does this work? You will need software skills, for sure. But we’ve done a ton of hard work for you, creating a custom sensor product and providing all the hooks into the Bluetooth to be able to access the information wirelessly.

All you need to do is tap into the data streams and build whatever visuals you want. You can access live, raw motion, vibration and angle data from your bow for as long as you want. You can access our shot counters, xi calculations and all our algorithms.


Currently, our Open Platform runs on Android and iOS, with a PC version coming soon. Always check for the latest technical specs!

There are developers around the world who are working on apps using BOWdometer. Some of the apps are aimed at monitoring practice data, enhancing the coaching experience, servicing equipment based on shot counts and evaluating vibration profiles for bows and accessories.

Most notably, the Artemis high performance training app is adding features to their app right now that use the BOWdometer Open Platform. Get their app and use your BOWdometer to unlock live angle feedback, shot aiming analysis and to plot your Xi values with your target scores.


And this is just the starting point! With the BOWdometer Open Platform, you have the power to build anything you want. The possibilities are truly endless. You can make something for yourself, or make an app that you sell to others to use with their BOWdometers.

We like to ask people – “If your bow could talk to you, what would you want it to be able to say?” Don’t be limited by what you can do today… think big and let’s turn your dreams into a reality. That’s the beauty of tech!


If you want to build something with the BOWdometer Open Platform, head over to to get started. And remember, with BOWdometer, your data is YOUR DATA, so have fun with it!

Together, we can elevate the archery experience for archers of all ages and skill levels. Come be part of the BOWdometer community today!


Got questions? Let us know on social media, on BOWdometer Nation or in the comments below and we'll get them answered! Check out our Press Releases and more news coverage here.

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