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BOWdometer and the Future of Sports, a Candid Conversation

This week we had a chance to chat live, candidly with a local radio station, 570 News, as part of their Tech Spotlight. We chatted about our BOWdometer Open Platform, our new Artemis integration, the Tech and Archery scene in Kitchener-Waterloo, where our team is based, and what IMU sensor technology means to sports analytics.

Take 15 minutes out of your day to give it a listen! (click image below)

Short on time? Here's a quick breakdown:

  • 01:25 What is BOWdometer and how we got started

  • 03:00 Exploring applications beyond archery

  • 03:45 What’s new since launch in 2020? All about the new app experience

  • 05:30 BOWdometer Open Platform and the Artemis launch

  • 06:30 The power of sports science in archery

  • 07:20 Flexibility of the product and features based on how people want to use it (phone or no phone, simple functions or complex functions)

  • 08:30 Competitions and gamification as a form of motivation and social connection

  • 10:40 Expanding into other sports and a hint of the future

  • 12:00 Using IMU sensors to progress sports and how we’ve taken care of the hard work with this product

  • 13:30 Talking about the importance of being in Waterloo as we work on developing our tech

  • 14:30 The secret KW Archery underground

Shoutouts to: Shooter's Choice / The Bow Shop, Communitech, Accelerator Centre

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