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Bowhunterplanet Episode #447

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Marianne recently had the opportunity to talk with the team over at Bowhunterplanet as they discussed our product BOWdometer, the archery / bowhunting industry and what the future holds. Bowhunterplanet has been creating content since 2009 and has grown to become one of the industries biggest and most trusted personalities within this space. The popular podcast is currently on it's fifth season. You can learn more about Bowhunterplanet here. The podcast is linked below. You can use the timeline within this blog to sort through topics you prioritize!

Video timeline

1:25 - Introduction to BOWdometer

A simple way to describe our product is a Fitbit for your bow, but it does so much more then just count shots! Check out our introduction to BOWdometer video here.

2:55 - Explaining Xi for Consistency

In simple terms, you are trying to get the same number over and over again. The number displayed helps you track consistency. Low isn't bad, high isn't good. This number has nothing to do with where the shot lands. Check out our video here explaining Xi further.

3:50 - Tracking mileage on your bow

Great for understanding how many shots you got out of your strings, when you need a future tune up, when the last time you shot was, etc. For this reason, BOWdometer is extremely beneficial for store owners and and users.

4:55 - Our New app

Our new app came out in April 2021. Our new app has been designed through collaboration with archers and community feedback. You don’t have to connect to the app, but when you do, it elevates the archery experience by letting you track your practice history, set goals and compete with friends.

7:00 - How does the BOWdometer attach to your bow

Injection molded mount, you can screw in with a 5/16th screw or you can fasten it with self-fastening straps. Simple clicks in and easy to take off. The product itself is about the size of a AA battery.

8:18 - Battery info

The battery lasts between 8 - 10 hours of active shooting. Some of our high performance athletes need to charge it every couple days because they shoot so often. Marianne charges her BOWdometer about once a week. It can charge in 2 hours. It is a rechargeable battery and very lightweight.

10:13 - BOWdometer Open Platform

Open source platform! Any other app or someone familiar with writing code can write their own software and use the data from their bow however they want to. The possibilities are endless. Learn more about our open platform application process here. Marcel at Artemis has used our open platform to create new tools.

10:40 - BOWdometer helps archers AND shops

Our product is a great way to bring customers back into store and drive repeat sales. It is a way to maintain gear and track mileage on strings and equipment as our product automatically tracks shots and logs sessions. So, you will always know how long it has been since an equipment check up and you will be confident in your equipment's ability. This also gives customers the freedom to experiment with equipment as you can see the difference it creates.

11:36 - Partnership with Artemis

Partnered with Artemis, the high-performance training and feedback app used by many National Teams around the world. It is going to use live BOWdometer data so you can track live angles (ex. cant), so you can see deeper analysis.

13:00 - Tech in the Archery Industry

Tech has seen such growth within this industry and the group chats about tech advances and how accessible tech is now as a standard.

Here the BHP hosts highlight that this is the time for retailers and shops to get this product from us because it is a great add-on and way to generate more sales. Especially with the surge this industry is undergoing right now, this would be a great time to get in.

19:45 - About the Company (Toxon Technologies)

Here we talk about the company itself. Marianne and Joe's backgrounds are in tech. They both worked with BlackBerry and built smartphones for 15 years. For the last 5 years they have been helping other people abuild tech products and solutions in non-tech industries. George Wagner ran the Bow shop here in Waterloo Ontario for 35 years. We got into contact with him which led to us sharing ideas. Hear how we started working on BOWdometer.

25:35 - About Target archers and Bowhunters....

Dave mentions how he could see this being a huge thing for target archers and has the ability to be huge for hunters if they are willing give it a try.

26:30 - Ambassadors

We have built up an ambassador program of 85 individuals with about ⅓ of them being hunters. We have Amanda Lynn Mayhew as an ambassador on a popular hunting show over here in Canada, That Hunting Girl. Check out Amanda's content here. A lot of hunters use it to make sure their numbers are ready before they go out. It gives you a piece of mind that your bow is ready to go and set up properly. Our ambassadors help spread the word on the product in countries all around the world.

29:20 Does it work on Crossbows?

Yes, it works on crossbows as well! A great way to track how many shots you've taken on your strings. We chat about Excalibur Crossbow, who is down the street from us here in Kitchener, Ontario.

30:10 Marianne bombs a Canadian Trivia question

A little bit of Canada trivia in this section of the podcast! And she bombs it... not every Canadian knows each other, Dave!

31:40 Shooting Mode (Classic mode vs level mode)

Different modes intended to give archers a different experience and way to practice. Learn more about these two modes through our BOWdometer Academy video here.

34:30 Pro Shops

Host says if you are a pro shop listener you definitely need to get a club pack because it’s so small and easy to store, would be great for store. Says this is a “no brainer” and a great seller. Pro shops come chat with us or go to Lancaster for good margins and it is built so you can make great money off of it, which boost the industry. BOWdometer is a great way to drive business and bring back customers, especially keeping new customers engaged in the sport. This helps shops give customers unparalleled service. This is a product that provides value to both the customers and retailers. An easy sale when you have a range attached to your shop.

39:15 - About customer support

Host highlights one issue that general pro shops may not understand but we are super active to answer all your questions and needs. We create videos and blogs to help explain and work through any confusion. We have a warranty, when people become sellers we don’t just walk away, we see it as a partnership! Check out just some of our help resources here.

Got questions? Let us know on social media, on BOWdometer Nation or in the comments below and we'll get them answered! Check out our Press Releases and more news coverage here.

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