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BOWdometer and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

At Toxon Tech, we’re here to elevate the archery experience for all archers. The archery community is a tight-knit community of focused, collaborative people who share a huge passion and have truly been inspiring to us. We’re bringing modern technology into one of the most primitive sports in existence, and we are so proud of the products we’ve built so far. We’ve barely scratched the surface.

We built BOWdometer to elevate the archery experience for archers of all ages and skill levels. It’s the first archery practice companion, built to help archers track their practice, maintain their gear and connect with each other. It’s fun, engaging and helps keep archers motivated to practice and know that their practice is paying off.

And what better way to show that practice is paying off than having athletes that use our technology make their way onto Archery’s biggest stage – the Tokyo Olympics? We have a BOWdometer Ambassador Program that includes over 80 archers from around the world (including 25 Canadians!) who represent our product to the Archery Community and help us shape the features and functions. This week, 5 of those Ambassadors are at the Olympics competing for medals!

Steve Wijler – Netherlands, first time Olympian

Crispin Duenas – Canada, 4-time Olympian

Stephanie Barrett – Canada, first-time Olympian

Slawomir Naploszek – Poland, 2-time Olympian

Chiara Rebagliati – Italy, first-time Olympian

We’ve been working with the Canadian National Team and local head coach Shawn Riggs for almost 2 years while we developed and tested BOWdometer. We commercialized a product that works for anyone – a brand new archer or a seasoned pro. Working with athletes like Crispin Duenas, we’ve ensured the BOWdometer experience can grow with an archer as they improve in their sport.

But internally as a company, we’ve gone well beyond what’s available commercially. Under the surface, we’ve been working with high performance coaches and athletes to bring an entirely different experience to the sport. As with most sports, coaching techniques in archery are becoming very data-centric. We created our BOWdometer Open Platform as an open-source toolkit for archers to collect and analyze personalized shot data. With the Open Platform, we have archers and data enthusiasts around the world developing on the platform to find new, unique applications of the data we collect and process with BOWdometer.

We’ve been working with a partner, Artemis, who has the premiere high-performance archery training app in the sport. Their app will be using BOWdometer to live-stream data and perform advanced analysis for shots, available to the public in September 2021 (version 5.x). This app is used by a lot of the top competitive teams and archers in the world for coaching, feedback and training.

We’re building a community of archers who are passionate about performance, consistency and love their sport. Archery is so aspirational, even when you’re #1 in the world, you can still improve. And it’s a sport that you can enjoy at all ages – there are Olympians in their 50s! We’re working to elevate the world’s most primitive sport with modern technology in really compelling ways. And we’re just getting started.

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