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What are these BOWdometer Shooting Modes and what's the difference?

Updated: May 12, 2021

BOWdometer is an archery practice companion built to track your practice and maintain your gear. When you’re using your BOWdometer, you can choose from different shooting modes. In this video, we’ll talk about what Shooting Modes are available, how you choose which mode you’re in and how to switch between them.

It’s important to note that right now you can only switch shooting modes using our app. Once you switch modes, your BOWdometer will stay in that mode until it’s switched again through our app.

On your BOWdometer, you can see which mode you’re in right on the session screen. Click the bottom button when in the Session screen to cycle between screens. You will see your mode listed.

Currently, there are 2 shooting modes available, called Classic Mode and Level Mode. The shooting modes change how Xi is calculated and presented in your practice session. Make sure you’ve watched our video about Xi called “Tracking Consistency” to learn more about what Xi is.

At a glance, Classic Mode is built to help you maintain your gear, test out equipment changes and work on your form. Level Mode is designed to challenge you to take your skills to the next level by challenging you to improve your consistency as you advance as an archer.

To understand the modes better, let’s chat about how they came to be.

When we built BOWdometer, we had 100 archers provide us with shot data in Classic Mode. That’s why it’s called Classic Mode – it’s the original shooting mode! When we looked at the data, our high-level athletes who were testing it out were getting the EXACT SAME NUMBER for their shots. This gave them a nice warm fuzzy feeling when they were shooting but wasn’t very helpful in motivating them to practice!


So, we invented Level Mode. Level Mode is designed to challenge you and keep you motived by transforming Xi in a very personal way to you, based on your shooting history. It gives you a goal and challenges you to really focus on your shooting when you practice. Currently, there are 8 Levels.

Regardless of which Mode you use, your goal is to have your shots repeating the same Xi number over and over again. Differences in numbers means your shots were different from the perspective of your body and how you interact with your bow.

Check out our next videos to dive into exactly what the different modes are and how you can use them to track your practice and maintain your gear.


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