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How do these Shot Angles on BOWdometer work and what do they mean for MY bow?

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

We created BOWdometer to help archers like you track your practice and maintain your gear. Using the app, you can dig deeper into your shot data and find trends over time. In this video, we’ll talk about the shot angles that show up for each shot you take with BOWdometer on your bow, and how you can use the angles to help your shot.

Shot angles can be found in your session screen when you click on an individual shot. There are 3 angles that are displayed. And what these mean for you depend on how your BOWdometer is mounted on your bow, so let’s go through it!

Here’s a diagram of what each angle represents on your BOWdometer. We like to call the 3 angles: torque, which is your rotation left and right, tilt, which is your rotation up and down, and cant, which is your level. The order in which those angles appear on your app depends on how your BOWdometer is mounted on your bow.

Watch our BOWdometer Academy video posted on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to ensure you understand how angles work for your setup! Angles are based on how your BOWdometer is mounted on your bow. This video does an in-depth explanation on several different bow setups.

The angles shown are based on the position of the BOWdometer at the precise moment of the shot. To help you visualize that, here is a data chart with rotational data from my shots on my compound bow.

This chart shows the rotational data 2 seconds before my shot, during my hold, and half a second after my shot. BOWdometer uses the changes in data to pinpoint the exact moment of the shot and stores the angles at that moment.

In this particular chart, you can see the fluctuations of my cant before my shot. I tend to shoot very quickly once I sight in.

In the app, your angles will show up soon after each shot if you’re connected to your BOWdometer during your practice. Instead of focusing too much on each individual shot angle, look for changes in your angles as you practice to see how they change over time.

Checking your angles over time can help you as an archer pinpoint and visualize consistency enroute to becoming a more consistent shooter.

The shot angles are part of the data export you can do from the app for any session.


Interested even more in your angle data? You’re not limited to what you see in the app at the time of the shot. With our BOWdometer Open Platform, we make live angles available for any app to use! The BOWdometer Open Platform provides live movement and rotation data to any app or software that wants to use it. Our lead partner is Artemis, the high-performance training app used by archers all over the world.

You can find out more details about our BOWdometer Open Platform on our website here. Anyone with software skills can use the power of BOWdometer Data to elevate their archery experience in new and exciting ways!


Got questions? Let us know on social media, on BOWdometer Nation or in the comments below and we'll get them answered! Check out our Press Releases and more news coverage here.

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