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How does BOWdometer know when I'm taking a shot?

BOWdometer is the best shot counter on the market. It automatically counts your shots so you know how much you’re practicing and can monitor your bow mileage between tune ups and equipment changes.

In this video, we’ll share how BOWdometer detects shots and how it knows the difference between a real shot and when you put your bow on its stand or toss it in your truck.

The BOWdometer is full of sensors that track movement in any direction, vibration and force. We created our own patented method of detecting a shot using sensor data. There’s a lot of math involved, but it’s all done right on the BOWdometer itself so you don’t need an app to check in on your progress!

When your BOWdometer is on, it’s always reading sensor data. Here’s a simplified example of real sensor data coming off of a bow during practice. We’re actually tracking this data for 9 different, distinct types of measurement, all the time. You can see that the sensor data is at its peak when the arrow is leaving the bow, because there’s a ton of movement, vibration and force.


When you do a bow setup on your BOWdometer, the sensors are recording what the data looks like when you shoot your bow. It’s very personal, and highly custom to the shooter. The sensor data for your shot will be different than other people, even if they’re shooting your bow.

BOWdometer stores the Bow Setup profile and is constantly looking for the specific values in each of the 9 measurements to match – when they do, we know it’s a shot. That’s why it’s really important to update your Bow Setup when you make changes to your form or your equipment. Changes with you or your bow will change the data our sensors pick up. And they pick up A LOT – tens thousands of data points every second!

Remember, BOWdometer is so much more than just a shot counter. It’s designed to help you build consistency in your form over time. Tune into the rest of this video series for more details on how it tracks consistency.


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