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Toxon Technologies and vApeldoorn announce BOWdometer and Artemis partnership

New integration will provide real-time data for the Artemis coaching application.

WATERLOO, ON., December 16, 2020Toxon Technologies is excited to announce a new partnership with vApeldoorn to provide real-time data from BOWdometer to the Artemis archery application.

Artemis is the premier archery training application for athletes and coaches to discover and target areas of improvement. BOWdometer is archery’s first practice companion designed to make archery engaging for archers of every skill level with social connectivity, challenges, and more.

The integration will provide the Artemis application with access to real-time sensor data as archers shoot and present actionable feedback to the coach and athlete.

“The sensors in BOWdometer capture the movement of the bow from draw to release. Getting this data to the Artemis app will help coaches and their athletes see changes to the shot as they make adjustments,” said Joe Deu-Ngoc, CEO of Toxon Technologies.

“Integrating the sensor data of the BOWdometer in Artemis is another step forward in high-performance archery,” said Marcel van Apeldoorn, developer of the Artemis archery application. “It opens up new ways of practicing your shot sequence with instant feedback as well as post-shot-analysis of the archer-bow-motion and the actual effect on the target face.”

Powering this new integration is Toxon Technologies’ BOWdometer Open Platform. The platform makes it easy for industry partners to leverage the power of BOWdometer in their applications and tools to enhance their current products — and develop new products for archers across the globe.

Toxon Technologies and vApeldoorn are also announcing a new BOWdometer + Artemis bundle that will be available on in Spring 2021. The bundle includes a BOWdometer archery practice companion and a license for the Artemis archery application.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Alex Kinsella Toxon Technologies

For sales inquiries, please contact:

Joe Deu-Ngoc Toxon Technologies

About Toxon Technologies

Toxon Technologies was founded in 2018 to leverage current technology trends to provide archers with feedback and insights to enhance their sport. Toxon Technologies was founded by two tech industry veterans, Marianne Bell and Joe Deu-Ngoc, and long-time archery dealer George Wagner. Combining their expertise in technology and archery, Toxon Technologies launched their first product – BOWdometer – in 2020.

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