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What is the BOWdometer Xi number?

Updated: May 12, 2021

BOWdometer is the best shot counter on the market. But it is so much more than that. It’s designed to help you build consistency in your form over time.

When we talk about consistency, we’re talking about how you and your bow work together for each arrow you shoot. If you can repeat the same movements over and over and build up muscle memory, you’ll be able to master the sport.

When we created BOWdometer, we set out to find a way to give INSTANT feedback to you as you shoot, without changing the way you practice. No stopping to look at your phone between shots to make sense of a bunch of complicated information.

We came up with Xi, our own method of measuring and reporting consistency. We’ll dive into the details throughout this video. At a glance, the idea of Xi is that every shot gets a number based on the movement, vibration and force of the shot. Numbers grouped closer together mean your shots are more consistent.

First of all, check out our video called “Detecting Shots” to learn the nitty gritty on how our shot detection works. It’s important for Xi. When BOWdometer detects a shot, it clips out the data from a couple seconds BEFORE your shot to examine your hold. It also clips out half a second after the shot, to see what you and your bow do after release.

Every single point of data in that two and a half seconds is captured, stored and factors into your Xi number. That’s almost one hundred thousand data points for each arrow you shoot!

So, when you’re shooting with BOWdometer, you’re basically seeing the differences between your last shot and your BOW SETUP shots through your shot Xi. Once you’re used to them, if your numbers look off just run a new BOW SETUP to make sure the BOWdometer updates your shot profile so its sensors can do their magic!

There are currently 2 modes of Xi supported in our brand-new app – Classic Mode and Level Mode. Regardless of which Mode you use, your goal is to have your shots repeating the same Xi number over and over again.


Shots that are close to your average means your sensor data very closely matches the BOW SETUP shot profile. See the other videos in our series for more details about BOW SETUP and shot counting works.

Shots that are farther away from your average mean you’re doing something differently. You can see your average Xi for a session right on the BOWdometer and in the optional app.

Remember, Xi is objective. It’s using real, personalized information to track your shot habits. You may think a shot was great based on your gut feel or where the arrow lands on the target. Xi is giving you unbiased information about how you and your bow performed for the shot… regardless of where it landed on the target face.

Instead of thinking of Xi as an instant way to help you, think of it more as a way to know how your practice is changing over time. This is why BOWdometer is the perfect archery practice companion.


Got questions? Let us know on social media, on BOWdometer Nation or in the comments below and we'll get them answered!

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